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Woman warns about possible trick to record people in locker rooms

A woman is urging people trying on clothes in a fitting room to be aware of their surroundings after finding a phone propped up suspiciously in front of her while in a fitting room.

tik tok user @sunshineandfreckles posted a video on September 2 that has since amassed more than 1 million views, showing a phone that was placed in a shoe in the adjacent fitting room, with the screen pointed in the direction of his own room.

“Always be aware of your surroundings, ladies and women,” the caption to her video read.

Above, a file image of a woman inside a fitting room. A woman urged people to be careful around her in a now-viral video after noticing a phone potentially recording her in a changing room.

According to the FindLaw legal information website, there are some public places where video or audio recordings can occur. However, not all recordings in public spaces are legal.

“If you intend to record someone’s conversation or activity when you should reasonably expect privacy, then you could be in trouble,” FindLaw reported.

In her video, @sunshineandfreckles showed a shoe placed in the gap between the floor and the dressing room wall.

A phone was propped up in the shoe and the screen was pointed at the @sunshineandfreckles fitting room, though the screen appeared to be off.

Another clip in the video shows a pile of clothing covering the phone area. Text overlaying the video said that @sunshineandfreckles also kicked the phone across the room.

It wasn’t definitely clear if the other client was recording her, but @sunshineandfreckles shared a video which showed that it is possible to record someone while the screen is blank.

In the clip, he showed that he could start recording and turn off the phone screen while the video continued to record.

In a follow up video@sunshineandfreckles said that he is normally aware of his surroundings, even in testers.

“When I saw [the phone]”I panicked and literally froze,” he said. “I took that video and sent it to some people.”

@sunshineandfreckles said he didn’t undress or try on other clothes until the other customer came out of his own fitting room. When he came out of the fitting room, the other customer had already left.

“I had bad vibes all over me, and my intuition was telling me something was wrong,” he said.

Viewers took to the comments section to express their thoughts.

“Wow! I never thought of that risk,” one TikTok user wrote.

“It’s kind of weird the way they keep pushing the shoe with valuable stuff even if the phone screen appears to be off,” another viewer commented.

“The fact that he didn’t say anything when his phone was kicked across the room,” read one comment, followed by several red flag emojis.

Some said they would have notified a staff member or manager. @sunshineandfreckles replied to one of the comments suggesting taking this course of action and said he planned to return to the store to show a member of staff the video.

news week has reached out to @sunshineandfreckles for further comment.

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