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The solution to your hairline problem Frontal lace wig!

A frontal lace wig is one of the types of lace wigs. The frontal lace wigs are usually bounded to the place. And compared with the lace closure which is sewn to the place. The frontal lace wigs are a good choice because they can make a perfect hairline and add volume to your hair that looks pretty natural. The frontal lace wigs are usually from the hairline to the crest of the head. But some wigs are shorter in length, having 3-6 inches of lace.

How to apply a frontal lace wig

The technique of applying a frontal lace wig is not that different from the full lace wig. Firstly you have to wear a wing cap on your hair. Color-matching wing caps are also available, so it is a better option for you the color-matching wing cup.

After all that, you have to apply the elastic band just as I full lace wig most probably, you will have a stretch band attached to the wig. So you don’t have to hustle. Now you can put the wig and then estimate the extra lace and cut it off.


Two different methods are used to integrate your frontal lace wig.

Combination with natural hair

In this method, you use your frontal lace wig and integrate it with your natural hair. Most of the time, females have hairline problems. But the other part of their scalp is full of healthy hair. So in that case, integration of your wig with your hair is a better option. For better holding, it is advised to stitch in the clips. Now you clean the forehead, place that wing cap, and put your wig on.

 Combination with hair extensions

In this method, there is an integration of the wig and the hair extension. This method is suitable for people who like to change their hair look completely and are not satisfied with their hair characteristics like texture, style, etc. One of the benefits of this method is that the natural hair is completed concealed, so they are protected. Your task is a find the right wig and the hair extension you want to style your look. And then put them on. Whether you are using hair extensions first or the wig, your goal is that both look like a unit.

Why frontal lace wig

A frontal lace wig is a good option for women if they are looking for a natural look despite using a wig. Here are some of the benefits

Perfect hairline

Most of the women suffer from hairline issues. But the other part of their hair is okay. So they use frontal lace wig which provides them a perfect hair to go with their natural hair    

Spot treatment

It is considered a spot treatment. You have a head full of hair only spot treatment that is needed is a hairline so you put it on the spot and you are ready to go.

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