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The NBA let Robert Sarver go too easy for racial slurs and sexual misconduct in the workplace


phoenix suns Governor Robert Sarver was suspended for a year and fined $10 million after the NBA concluded an investigation into allegations of workplace misconduct. ESPN first reported that Sarver’s rampant racism and misogyny throughout the organization in November 2021, and now the NBA has finally delivered its punishment.

The NBA found that Sarver said the N-word at least five times to other employees when counting statements made by others. The league also found that Sarver made inappropriate comments to women who worked at the organization, including comments related to sex and remarks about her physical appearance. Sarver also “engaged in inappropriate physical conduct” with the male employees.

In addition to the suspension and fine, Sarver is also required to complete a training program focused on respect in the workplace. The league wrote that “Sarver engaged in conduct that clearly violated common workplace standards,” including disparate treatment of female employees, racist comments and bullying.

Here is the full statement from the NBA:

The league interviewed 320 people and reviewed 80,000 documents during its investigation. It says the fine will go to organizations working to address racial and gender bias throughout society.

You can read the full report against Sarver here.

Somehow, Sarver didn’t get kicked out of the league like former Clippers owner Donald Sterling.

Additional details on Robert Sarver’s racist comments

Additional details on Robert Sarver’s misogamy

Robert Sarver did not want to accept the suspension of the NBA

Sarver reported that he fought the NBA for his punishment as the investigation was winding down.

Sarver and the Suns began fighting the allegations even before ESPN first reported them. Phoenix’s official Twitter account released a statement saying the allegations were “completely baseless” in October. of 2021.

Robert Sarver has a history of unacceptable behavior

In 2019, ESPN detailed the wild job dysfunction within the Suns under Sarver’s leadership.. The story included this infamous anecdote about Sarver putting live goats in then-GM Ryan McDonough’s office, where they proceeded to poop everywhere.

Four years after naming McDonough general manager, Sarver purchased some live goats from a Diana Taurasi event at the Talking Stick Resort Arena and planted them upstairs in McDonough’s office. The gimmick was as much a practical joke as it was an inspirational message: The Suns should find a GOAT of their own, one that dominates like Taurasi. The goats, unaware of its metaphorical connotation, proceeded to defecate all over McDonough’s office.

Robert Sarver should have been kicked out of the NBA

Despite the one-year suspension and hefty fine, Sarver will still be the governor of the Phoenix Suns when this is all over. That is not right. The league could have easily banned him and found another governor for the Suns. Instead, the sanction for Sarver is equivalent to a slap on the wrist.

There was strong criticism of the NBA’s light punishment after its announcement.

The NBA doesn’t need Robert Sarver. He should no longer be involved in the league. Unfortunately, he will still exist a year from now after he ends the suspension.




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