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The delight of the deluxe advent calendar – Chicago Tribune


Every holiday season I buy several Advent calendars. The countdown to Christmas doesn’t move me as much as the idea of ​​receiving a gift every day excites me. (If there were 365-day versions, I’d definitely like that.)

Making coffee and feeding my dog ​​is so much more fun when I first open a small window and see what awaits me. It’s also nice to have handy advent calendars, so I buy a Nespresso one every year so I have a new variety of coffee pods. And I usually buy my dog ​​a treat from the advent calendar. (I like Lily’s Kitchen, which is a British organic dog treat company.)

Europe is far more committed to Advent calendars than America is, so I recommend visiting a store like Selfridges for their highly specific and gleefully British theme selection, including gin, tea, Wedgwood, and so many chocolate variations.

I also like the idea of ​​the Kiosk48th Advent Calendar. It’s a Danish art and design brand that sells chunky ceramic candle holders and handmade iraca palm placemats. I’m hesitant to endorse this one because there are only four gifts, one for each Sunday of Advent, and Advent calendars with fewer than 24 days seem to miss the point of a daily endorphin rush, but I’m sure the gifts are utterly delicious.

Sometimes I get carried away by the fantasy of an Advent calendar and succumb to buying several edible versions for myself. This year I want the François Doucet calendar for covered fruits and nuts. I envision opening it at night and leaning back with chocolate covered almonds in one hand and a very thin, very cold glass of champagne in the other. And while that sounds deeply nice, the calendar didn’t make the cut when a friend asked me for recommendations on the most luxurious and over-the-top Advent calendars.

Buying scented candles can be tricky because you’re buying one for someone else and have no idea if they’ll like it, or you’re buying one for yourself without really living with it first. So, I don’t believe in having a signature house scent. It’s great if you are in the Bode store and you know that it will always smell like Oud, that’s reassuring, but at home, a lot depends on the weather, the time of day, your own mood. The obvious answer is to have a wardrobe of scents for the home.

Yes, but I’ve been accumulating candles and incense for two decades. A quicker approach would be the Diptyque Advent Calendar, which includes 10 scented candles in their most popular scents (yes Mimosa and Feu de Bois), soap, perfumes, and some sort of metal Christmas decorations. This year, for the first time, Diptyque includes its three limited-edition Christmas candles, which I love because they have names like Étincelles (“Sparkle… a comforting aroma that combines the smell of a wood fire with delicious notes of coffee and chocolate” Maybe all you need to know is that this calendar glows in the dark. $480.

Almost exactly six years ago, I had just checked into a hotel in Berlin, where I was supposed to meet an old friend and sometimes more than a friend who lived in England. He never showed up, no call, no email, nothing. She was hurt and confused and I went to the hotel spa to book a massage and was distracted by a display of Susanne Kaufmann Advent calendars. I bought one and took it back to New York.

I don’t know if it was the St. John’s word in the bath oil or just the Teutonic luxury brand but no nonsense in general, but I’ve never outpaced a faster man. There are tons of beauty Advent calendars out there: I’ve heard the Liberty is coveted and La Mer looks fancy, but the Kaufmann calendar is the best combination of utility (travel size products) and luxury (so many lotions and oils to rub on your body ). $510.

I once read that Justin Timberlake wore a new pair of socks every day and then, I guess, just threw them away. I’m not sure if the story is true or where I read it, but he has stayed with me because of the sense of generosity all those perfectly clean socks must have given him. It’s a feeling I chase every day.

Hanky ​​Panky has an advent calendar that includes 25 pairs of underwear. (I wouldn’t throw them away after using them, but would love not to have to do laundry for as long.) It involves some shopping: that she is between sizes 2 and 12 and that she wants to wear a low rise thong. It’s like “It’s Raining Men” but with lace panties in so many colors I counted nine shades of blue and green alone. $660.

I’m going to start with why I think this Advent calendar is really classy, ​​which is: One of the items is a Royal Riviera pear, a Comice pear variety from France, wrapped in gold foil. If I had my way, this would be behind Gate No. 24

Actually, if I had my way, there would be an Advent calendar entirely made up of dark or semi-dark varieties of fruit draped in gold foil, but the fact that there is one is the most elegant thing I can think of at the moment. . I would also have the trail mix, the individual slice of baklava, and the mint chocolates.

But it’s really about spending $200 on the ability to open a single gold foil pear. My heart beats faster in anticipation. $199.99.

Tiffany has this 4 foot tall Advent calendar made of wood that looks like a stack of boxes. The store is collaborating with Andy Warhol greeting card designs. When opened, it reveals 24 boxes in signature Tiffany blue. The calendar is grand and charming!

But that is not the point. The point is that “clients can work with their preferred client advisor to select the perfect Advent calendar.” Which means I could, Eartha Kitt-singing “Santa Baby” style, dictate my own gifts or send some benevolent and vaguely wealthy missing husband to fill it.

How about the Tiffany HardWear graduated link necklace in 18k gold ($15,000)? Maybe add one of those new Tiffany Lock bracelets in yellow gold ($6,800)? And ever since I watched the Netflix series “Halston” I’ve been ready to start an Elsa Peretti collection, so I’d get either a silver or gold bone bracelet, or both, I have 24 days! I would make sure to buy some diamond earrings for all my friends because, above all else, I am a kind and generous person who gives fancy gifts. unknown price!

This article originally appeared on The New York Times.




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