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The cost of vacation travel is at a 5-year maximum in the US.

Managing the crowds will be a chore.

Managing the crowds will be a chore.
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Thanksgiving travel is almost back to normal.

More than 54.6 million Americans will be traveling at least 50 miles from home this week, up 1.5% from last year, according to Automotive and Travel. AAA club. Traveler numbers are at 98% of pre-pandemic levels in 2019.

This, despite the fact that vacation trips are going to be the more expensive in five years.

year a summer of chaos Filled with flight delays and cancellations, misplaced luggage, and booked accommodation, travelers are worried about similar problems as volumes rise. The airlines say they are better prepared this time. Yet many of the factors that created summer travel hiccups—fewer planes, limited staff, and a training backlog—still persist.

Holiday travel, by digits

Due to the very high inflation, travelers will see their budget skyrocket…

12%: Increase in hotel room rates since 2019

46%: Jump in rental car rates since 2019

32%: Peak in inflation-adjusted airfare in 2022 compared to a year ago

$76 billion: hhow many Americans have spent on domestic flights this year through October 1. 18, $11 billion more than the previous year

31%: Americans intending to travel between Thanksgiving and mid-January, according to the Deloitte Holiday Travel Study, a significant decrease from 42% last year.

…so they take shortcuts where they can.

59%: youtravelers likely to stay with friends and loved ones

10%: hHow much travelers on average can save on domestic flights by booking at least a month in advance, and on international flights by booking about six months in advance, according to an Expedia travel report.

3:00 p.m. D.separately before that date to minimize the chances of cancellations.

Airlines still face high costs and staff shortages, but not for a lack of trying.

59: SRegional shopping malls and airports that have cut service in half largely due to pilot shortages and high fuel costs.

85%: Delta network capacity compared to 2019.

90%: United flights operate per day compared to 2019, but expect 100% of travelers.

$42 billion: AAirline spending on jet fuel in 2022, up 125% from a year ago.

777,000: PCargo and passenger airline employees working this holiday season, surpassing pre-pandemic employment

13%: Fever fly this holiday season compared to 2019but since airlines want to use bigger planes, seating capacity will only drop 2%

Charted: US airlines that lost and added seats

Big Numbers: A Strong Dollar Boosts International Travel

twenty%: Increase demand from Americans to travel to London this holiday season. “While inflation has caused the prices of almost everything to skyrocket, travelers have also seen the value of the dollar increase, gain parity with the euro and the pound, and increase their vacation budgets,” said the director of external communications from Allianz, Daniel Durazo.

What are the government, carriers and companies doing to make holiday travel smooth?

👩‍✈️ The lobby group Airlines for America, which represents 10 airlines, including majors like Southwest, Delta and American, its members say have launched “Aggressive Hiring Campaigns”: establishing new pilot training academies, support programs to address financial hurdles, and increasing hiring initiatives;

👐 Airbnb was introduced more price transparencyprioritizing the full price, including all fees, over the base nightly rate, so people can make more informed decisions faster.

💰 The Federal Government is making airlines Distribute more than $625 million in refunds and pay more than $7.25 million in penalties.

👁️ The Biden administration has tabled a proposal that requires hidden fees for luggage, for travelers to sit with family and revealed in advance and refunds will be made for services not provided as promised (ie wifi not working).

📺 There are in Airline customer service dashboard to help passengers understand their rights. It covers ten major US airlines and their regional operating partners, which operate flights for them but do not sell tickets, representing approximately 96% of domestic scheduled passenger air traffic.

Warning: Airlines strikes could make things worse

American Airlines staff have already collected in more than 11 major airports after spending years no new deal. united pilots to plan shake, too. On October 10, 31, more than 15,000 Delta pilots overwhelmingly voted in favor of the strike to reassess and update pay rates, contract provisions, and benefits negotiated in 2016.

Delta CEO Ed Bastian ruled out the possibility of a strike “on Thanksgiving, Christmas or anytime,” calling it simply a “tactic” for negotiations.

But the union hit back. “Let me be perfectly clear. These implications are false,” Capt. Jason Ambrosi, chairman of the Delta Master Executive Council, said in a Youtube videos on November 8, where he doubled down on the union’s intention to go on strike. “We look forward to seeing serious proposals from Delta management. If we do not, we intend to fully exercise our right under the law. We are tired and frustrated by the current pace of negotiations and the company’s refusal to come up with meaningful proposals.”

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