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The best TikTok accounts and influencers of 2022

The Internet is a market. It allows for innovation, marketing, and the display of creativity. Most significantly, social media also plays a tremendous role in defining social interactions between people. People can connect, network and learn from each other using so many social media platforms.

For financial educators, social media helps them inform their audience, provide value, and become authorities in their domain. Many of them have moved from using workshops and physical training to using channels from video hosting services like Tiktok for interaction.

Therefore, in this article we will examine the best TikTok cryptocurrency influencerA review of how video social media platform can boost your business growth is attempted.

Key takeaways:

  • Some of the top TikTok crypto influencers include @girlgone crypto, @thewolfofbitcoins,, @performante, @cryptoweatherman, and @cryptochuck among others.
  • Some of the best TikTok crypto accounts include Virtual Bacon, CryptoWendyO, Blockchain boy, Bitboycrypto, Cryptokang Reviews, Teen executive, Cryptocita, and Joshua Jake among others.
  • TikTok is one of the leading social media platforms used to influence cryptocurrencies.
  • The first crypto-based viral post on Tiktok was released in 2019.

Why use Tiktok to influence Crypto?

For starters, many people turn to the Internet for clarity on specific topics. Therefore, it has become imminent for blockchain and cryptocurrency experts to embrace this change. TikTok, being a video hosting service platform, is usable by educators and crypto brands because:

  • It is an adaptive channel for multiple communication formats such as texts, audio and audiovisual information display.

When it comes to financial education, there is a need for seemingly end-to-end communication between parties. Consequently, this is what Tiktok has to offer, albeit more liberally. Tiktok crypto influencers and educators can use the different text, audio and audiovisual communication models available on the platform to educate their audience. The public therefore finds it more fascinating. In addition, the sessions are shorter and the learning community does not have to sit for long hours as in the exhibitions.

  • Give space for interaction.

Likewise, Tiktok is a good option for crypto influencers because the platform provides space for interaction. Learners can relate to the driver and gain clarity on some dark subjects. The comment and direct message sections can help build a functional relationship beyond learning on the platform. Some Tiktok crypto accounts run by companies that trade crypto currencies and funds can also benefit from the interactivity that the platform offers.

  • Cloud for information storage.

Tiktok also works as cloud storage for information. The learning community can access cryptocurrency-related news and information provided by account managers. As stated earlier, Crypto TikTok influencers can put revealing content on the platform to access later and develop into manuals that they can monetize.

  • Ease of access to a growing and interactive community.

The Tiktok crypto community is growing rapidly. As a result, the platform has become an ecosystem for learning, promoting and discussing cryptocurrencies. However, many would argue that Tiktok doesn’t just serve the purpose. But just as blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies have risen in the last decade since its inception in the late 20th century, TikTok is also showing signs of how it will be instrumental in the growth of Web 3 technologies. TikTok crypto should leverage the platform to improve visibility and achieve a stable online presence.

  • Likewise, Tiktok accommodates promotional content.

Another important reason why Crypto TikTok influencers should be hell-bent on taking advantage of the platform is that there is room to post promotional content. Individual crypto companies, brands and teams can use the platform to promote and market their coins and funds. It’s a win-win for everyone.

  • Tiktok crypto influencers can leverage the platform to solidify brand identity.

Lastly, as a follow-up to the previous point, individual crypto businesses, brands, and teams can also use the platform to solidify their brand identity. To achieve this, the content creator can make introductory videos about their brand, display their merch and logo in the background, or regularly create content to push their identity from time to time.

A short list of the best crypto TikTok accounts

In no particular order, below is a short list of some of the best crypto TikTok accounts for you:

With 29.17K followers, virtual bacon is a Tiktok crypto educator. He is famous for sharing instructional videos. His interest is mainly focused on dissecting the workings of Web 3.

Crypto Wendy O is run by Wendy O. She is an NFT and crypto enthusiast with 246K followers. She makes videos to share crypto news and other information.

@blockchainboy is a self-made entrepreneur and degen investor. He has 6,372 followers on TikTok and posts informational videos related to cryptocurrencies on his page. He is the leader of the Crypto Knight.

Bitboycrypto is run by Ben Armstrong. He is a cryptocurrency enthusiast and content creator. He has 2,377 followers on TikTok.

@Cryptokangreviews has 481.5K followers. It is the only crypto account for @cryptokang.reborn. Kang posts crypto information on this account, most of which is guides on how to trade and get by with his wallet.

The teenage executive has 3,059 followers. His previous account was banned. Hence, the reason why your ID is Teen Executive 2.0. He is a crypto business enthusiast and educator.

Cryptocita has 729.2K followers on TikTok. She infuses crypto education with her lifestyle posts. One of the best crypto TikTok accounts to follow.

Last on this list is Joshua Jake. He runs a free educational discord channel. He has 375 thousand followers on TikTok and is popular for posting market analysis videos.

Some of the best Crypto Tiktok influencers

Influencer marketing is one of the most common forms of internet marketing today. If you are a crypto enthusiast and don’t know which Tiktok crypto influencer to follow, you should consider the following list:

@girlgone_crypto is Lea Thompson’s TikTok ID. She is a blockchain media personality with 35.2 million followers. As a cryptocurrency influencer on TikTok, she leverages the platform to educate her audience. Hence the reason why she amassed up to 1.2 million likes.

The bitcoin wolf is a TikTok crypto influencer with 250.9K and 3.7M likes. The account became more popular because it made the first crypto-related viral post on the app. @thewolfofbitcoins is also known for sharing cryptocurrency news and information on the app.

As its name suggests, crypto review is a TikTok crypto account that publishes news about crypto, NFTs, and blockchain technology. Despite having 877,200 followers, the crypto team also has a fast-growing Telegram community.

Performante is another top-tier TikTok crypto outfit. They specialize in developing the $PCC fund to generate wealth using blockchain technology. The handle has 77.4K followers on TikTok.

@cryptoweatherman is a TikTok crypto influencer. He is a quantitative economist and technical analyst of the blockchain financial system, he publishes cryptocurrency and fund buying guides and reviews of these funds.

Lastly, there is @cryptochuck. Crypto Chuck is a bitcoin enthusiast and Crypto TikTok influencer. He has 10,900 followers and is known for his conversational yet intriguing tone to dissect crypto-related topics.

Did you know?

The first crypto-based viral post on Tiktok was released in 2019. According to Coinbound, it was from Wolf of Bitcoin. bitcoin wolf is the identification of a well-known social media personality and Crypto TikTok user whose posts focus on crypto and bitcoin. There was a groundbreaking 6.4:1 ratio of likes to comments within the first few hours of posting.

Additional Information

Tiktok is one of the top social media platforms where you can get reliable information on crypto trends and coin market analysis. It is a haven for traders and newbies who want to gain knowledge because brands and businesses are given a thorough check before getting a blue mark on the platform. Therefore, one can be sure of the insights of a trusted TikTok crypto team. Despite this, the cryptocurrency immediate learner community should also discern which channel is better by looking for validations from their website and social media platforms.

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