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The 10 best episodes of ‘Nathan for you’

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No one commits to something like Nathan Fielder. On his hit Comedy Central series Nathan for you, Fielder delivered wacky, but somewhat logical? proposals to struggling businesses in the greater Los Angeles area. Convinced by his outspokenness, people almost always followed his lead, from legally changing their name to selling poop-flavored fro-yos. Nathan for you it ran from 2013 to 2017 and gifted us with four seasons of material that we’re really still trying to wrap my head around.

If you can stomach the sheer embarrassment of the social exchanges between Fielder and the people on the show, the series is easy to get drunk on, with 20-minute long episodes. Relentlessly determined to follow through on his plans by almost any means possible, Fielder never failed to surprise. Each episode depicts a series of events so chaotic that it’s hard to look away, no matter how uncomfortable you feel. Nathan for you episodes, or do you want to try Fielder before watching his latest show, Essaywe’ve got you covered.

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S2 E6: “Dating Site; party planner”

Fielder titled the dating website after his idea of ​​having a chaperone watch a woman’s first date from a distance… “Daddy’s Watching.” To get help on the date, women just have to yell, “Daddy, daddy, come now. Save my life, you made a vow. die of shame


S4 E7: “Looking for Frances”

The final episode of Nathan for you The series is unlike any other. Aside from its longest running time of almost an hour and a half, the episode did not focus on a company in need. Instead, he followed Fielder and Bill Heath, a Bill Gates impersonator previously hired on the show, who is searching for Heath’s old flame.


S3 E3: “The Move”

“The Movement” began as a solution to the rising cost of labor in the moving industry. Then, it morphed into promoting a new fitness program with a professional bodybuilder as the face of fashion. Fielder attracted the attention of the press with a bodybuilder who claimed to have never set foot in a gym.


S4 E5: “The Story”

In “The Story,” Fielder cracked the formula for the kind of story that would make a late-night talk show audience laugh. To make sure you have a story lined up for your appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!Fielder spent six figures to orchestrate “the ultimate talk show anecdote”.


S3 E4: “Sporting Goods Store; antique shop”

An antique store with a “break it, you buy it” policy had trouble making sales. What was Fielder’s totally normal solution? The host lured drunken customers into the store under the guise of free pizza, to increase the likelihood of breaking the products. A man Fielder encountered in a bar stepped into his mousetrap and crashed into shelves full of brittle antiques.


S1 E2: “Santa Claus; petting zoo”

Fielder faked a video of a pig saving a goat from drowning in hopes it would go viral and put a petting zoo on the map. While it initially seemed easy to accomplish, it required more work than anticipated. The extra effort paid off: The video racked up hundreds of thousands of views in one day. It even aired on Good morning america!


S2 E1: “Mechanic; realtor”

Hoping to capitalize on the half of the population that believes in ghosts, Fielder renamed a real estate agent the Ghost Realtor. To attest that the houses for sale were free of ghosts and demons, Fielder hired a psychic to take a look. The psychic cleared all the houses except one. To stay true to the Ghost Realtor’s claims, Fielder booked an exorcism. He got… pretty intense.


S1 E8: “Private Investigator; taxi company”

Brian Wolfe claimed to be the best private investigator in the Los Angeles area, but he had no Yelp reviews to back him up. Fielder challenged Wolfe, shadowing him for a day so he could assess whether his work was five-star worthy. Fielder’s antics did not amuse Wolfe, but irritated him. “You remember the wizard of solitude,” Wolfe told Fielder after hearing his review.


S2 E2: “Souvenir Shop; ELAIFF”

Fielder’s elaborate plan to increase foot traffic at a souvenir shop located farther down the Hollywood Walk of Fame left him in a serious legal bind. To attract clients, Fielder hired a Johnny Depp other a Bill Gates impersonator to put on a movie in the store. Fielder tricked the extras into buying souvenirs to get a shot in the final cut. Without actually producing a movie, Fielder found himself in a bind: he could be charged with fraud. To avoid a run-in with the law, Fielder created a movie. As we found out, of course, that still wasn’t enough.


S1 E4 “Gas Station; cartoonist”

every episode of Nathan for you he’s obviously unhinged, but this is in a league of its own. Fielder found a way for a gas station to claim the cheapest prices in the country. His idea was to offer a discount that would be ridiculously inconvenient to claim. The lengths customers were willing to go to get their refund is a true case study in human behavior. At the end of the segment, Fielder broke character, a rare moment for the master of embarrassment, when he learned a surprising wellness tip practiced by the gas station owner.

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