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Texas Attorney General Paxton Flees Home to Avoid Subpoena

Many things happened. Here are some of the things. This is TPM’s morning memo.

Cue Benny Hill’s theme song

A newly filed affidavit describes how Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (R) and his wife fled his home in a truck Monday morning when a process server tried to serve the attorney general with a subpoena in a lawsuit by nonprofit organizations working to help Texans get abortion services out of state.

Here’s how part of the scene played out, according to the process server in the affidavit:

“I walked up the driveway approaching Mr. Paxton and called his name. As soon as he saw me and heard me call out his name, he turned around and ran back into the house through the same door in the garage.” .

  • The process server said he put the documents near the truck on the ground, only for Paxton to walk away.– but not before the server told the officer that they were being served.
  • Paxton reclaimed later via Twitter that he ran away out of “concern for the safety and well-being of my family.”

Historic Oath Keepers Trial Begins

Today marks the first day of the criminal trial against Oath Keepers leader Stewart Rhodes and four other far-right militia members facing seditious conspiracy charges for their role in the Jan. 6 Capitol uprising.

  • Jury selection at trial begins todayand opening statements They are expected to come Thursday.
  • All five Oath Keepers have pleaded not guilty. They face up to 20 years in prison.

Oath Keeper Charged For Sending Jan. 6 Text Message To Andrew Giuliani About Election

Kellye SoRelle, the general counsel for the Oath Keepers militia who has been accused of involvement in the Jan. 6 attack on Capitol Hill, sent a text message to former White House public liaison staffer Andrew Giuliani (who is also is the son of former Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani) in November 2020 on the election. , nbc news reports.

  • SoRelle also attempted to text a White House number on Dec. 2. twenty (which could not be delivered because he sent it to a White House phone line), according to a new book by former House Jan. 6 Committee adviser Denver Riggleman and reporter Hunter Walker.

Sinema becomes maverick with McConnell

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) rolled out the red carpet for Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) on Monday at his namesake McConnell Center at the University of Louisville, where the Arizona senator boasted that she was not only “committed” to upholding the filibuster’s 60-vote threshold, but also had an “incredibly unpopular view” on the threshold.

  • Are you ready to hear it, America? Are? Ok, here it is: The 60-vote threshold should be reinstated for votes where it was removed (and now only requires a simple majority), such as judicial confirmations, because doing so would create a “middle ground” in “all parts of our government,” Sinema argued. as McConnell salivated several meters away from the podium.
  • Sinema also boasted that she “never really wanted to fit in, in Washington or anywhere else.” In other words:

  • It is still unclear who exactly Sinema is trying to win over by proudly obstructing her own party’s agenda. (assuming it has something to do with running for president or re-election rather than just pandering to donors). According to this new survey commissioned by AARPhis disapproval numbers are in the double digits across every demographic of Arizona voters included in the poll (so hey, he’s definitely getting all sides together!):

Must read

“’You Have Nothing To Lose’: Why Young Iranians Are Rising Up Once Again” – The New York Times

Putin grants Russian citizenship to Snowden

In what is almost certainly supposed to be a troll move aimed at the US, Russian leader Vladimir Putin on Monday granted Russian citizenship to former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, who has been living in Russia since 2013 to escape criminal charges after exposing US mass surveillance.

  • Snowden will not have to go to fight in Ukraine with Putin partial mobilization order (which applies to citizens with dual nationality), according to Snowden’s lawyer, because he has not previously served in the Russian military.
  • Snowden Announced in 2020 that he and his wife applied for Russian citizenship so that they could cross borders more freely with their soon-to-be-born child.

Tracking Hurricane Ian

The Washington Post is Following Hurricane Ian’s movement as a storm barrel toward Florida.

NASA spacecraft successfully crashes into an asteroid

NASA’s Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) spacecraft crashed into an asteroid on Monday, a breakthrough in scientists’ study of how to defend Earth from a potential asteroid strike.

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