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Tears of Themis celebrates Vyn’s birthday with new A Wish in the Light event

HoYoverse’s mobile detective title Tears of Themis introduces a new event called A Wish in the Light. It is held to commemorate Vyn’s birthday, with many rewards up for grabs, such as an exclusive outfit and background, a birthday badge, an R card, and a few other goodies. Prizes from Vyn’s previous birthday, such as an SSR card, an R card, and an invitation, also return.

Vyn’s birthday celebration in Tears of Themis brings a new story to the forefront, Fetters of the Past. It dives deeper into Vyn’s hidden past as players explore the mystery surrounding the murder of Count Adell. As players progress through the story, they will break down the walls around Vyn and cause her to open up.

While we may learn a dark story, there’s still a birthday party to throw. Players will prepare a little surprise for the male lead so they can celebrate with him. Throwing the best party will take some effort. You will have to complete levels of Work to obtain Wish Notes that will allow you to travel to the destinations mentioned in the Wish List.

Additional birthday challenges will also be released for a limited time, allowing players to earn rewards such as the Vyn R Falling card and Tears of Themis, among others. If all travel wishes are fulfilled before the deadline, the lawyers will also win the Vyn – In the Light outfit, Vyn’s bedroom background, and the commemorative A Wish in the Light event badge.

The Reciprocal Hearts Birthday Series also returns with giveaways like Vyn’s Birthday Event, SSR A Star in the Night, and Vyn’s Birthday R Dressed Up returning for a limited time. Players will also receive the Light of Autumn in their mail, allowing everyone to collect memories of their beautiful times with Vyn.

Plan this birthday party by downloading Tears of Themis now for free by clicking one of the links below.

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