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Spanish Screening Of Fixed Agenda Tour


Continuing its aggressive push into international markets through its Spanish Screenings initiative, Spain’s film and export authorities hope to support a record presence of film and television executives and titles at Buenos Aires’ Ventana Sur, the film and television market. largest television in Latin America.

Co-organized by the Cannes Marché du Film, the Cannes Film Festival and the Argentine film and television agency INCAA, Ventana Sur will take place from November 28 to December 2.

Announced at a press conference in San Sebastian on Sunday, Spanish Screenings on Tour will see five projects or productions in post from Spain in each of the four key forums at Ventana Sur. These include the animation platform Animation! where five titles will be presented as part of an initiative by Spanish Screenings Anímate, its gender market Blood Window (Spanish Screamings), the section of directors’ projects Punto de Gender (Spanish Screenings Perspectives) and TV focus SoloSerieS (Spanish Screenings Series), said Beatriz Navas, general director of Spain’s ICAA film and television agency.

The projects or productions of each section will be selected by representatives of Spanish Screenings on Tour and Ventana Sur. The winners will have covered both air travel and accommodation at Ventana Sur, vital as the cost of air travel between Europe and Latin America has skyrocketed after the pandemic.

Spanish Screenings on Tour has also established alliances with four of the main specialized festivals in Spain that will award one project per section according to its theme. The Sitges horror, fantastic and science fiction mega festival, for example, will award a title to Blood Window, which will receive the Sitges Fanpitch – Blood Window – Spanish Screenings Award.

The Conecta Fiction television co-production forum, the Abycine Lanza platform for new talents and the Weird animation meeting will award a project in SoloSerieS, Punto de Genre and Animation! respectively.

The details of Spanish Screenings on Tour were presented in San Sebastián by Navas, the director of the San Sebastián Festival, José Luis Rebordinos, the director of the Malaga Festival, Juan Antonio Vigar and Pablo Conde, director of fashion, habitat and cultural industries of the government investment organization ICEX.

Screenings Content in Spanish will be presented next year at the Malaga Festival and its industry arm Mafiz from March 13-17, Vigar said.

The activities will include screenings of recent Spanish films, market premieres, Next from Spain, with trailers and pix-in-post, a day dedicated to remakes, a Spanish Co-production Forum and sections dedicated to literary adaptations and soundtracks, adds Vigar. . The Festival also wants to renew Hack Mafiz Málaga, a platform for new talents creating content for social networks and new platforms, said Vigar.




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