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Should you bother with an email signature?

Email signatures seemingly make your communications look like they’re wearing a nice suit, but really, they’re just an extra part of the email that we can’t help but read. Nobody likes to read more emails than necessary.

You may have seen them embedded at the bottom of an incoming email like a business card you didn’t ask for. Sometimes they include contact information, sometimes there’s also a website URL and logo, and sometimes email signatures are longer than the email itself, telling you the entire journey of that person and your email, with a motivational quote or company tagline, a Hallmark-like image. , and something else that fortunately does not load.

People with fancy email signatures are the same creatures who write their names in books and talk to pollsters on the phone. In fact, they are happy to receive a label maker as a gift. And while a long email signature for a business email is somewhat forgivable, a long email signature on a personal email address means the sender is probably crazy. Run!

Are email signatures really necessary?

Several envelopes drawn on a blackboard with a person's hand finishing one of them.

Email signatures are nothing new. Before them, we had business cards and sweaty handshakes and those servants that would herald the arrival of a king. The question is: should you have one?

This depends on whether the person receiving your email needs to see all that junk. If you are engaged in some form of marketing and contacting other companies for service purposes, it is helpful. In this case, an email signature can help establish brand recognition fairly quickly and conveys information about who you are and what you do in a short and subtle way, so you don’t have to force it into the body of the email. mail as a door-to-door salesman.

Many people often just look at the last email you sent them instead of keeping some kind of address book, so the signature acts as a quick reminder of whatever it is you do.

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But it’s best to think of email signatures as space you’re renting in the recipient’s email inbox. Like the refrigerator in the break room at work, you don’t want to take up too much space. Long business email signatures can seem exasperating, and novel-sized ones are often a sign, or at least seen as a sign, that you’re low on the totem pole in the company. That’s why Mark Zuckerberg’s first business card just said: “I’m the CEO, bitch.”

Perhaps this is all because the long email signature feels like something you do when you’re new to your career and trying too hard to seek affirmation and appear professional. It ends up looking like a silly decal or poster stuck on a bedroom wall. I’m sure I had one when I started sending emails that I mistakenly thought mattered.

But as you mature and actually do things, you realize that it’s barely necessary and you laugh a little at people who still have a long one.

And as you may have noticed, when you’re emailing back and forth with someone who has a long email signature, it clogs up the entire chain and comes out like a radio DJ doing 20 station IDs in a row.

enough quotes

Basic contact information will suffice, and it’s ideal to avoid quotes altogether. No inspirational quotes, no taglines, no mantras, no catchphrases – they can come off as incredibly cheesy and can only inspire people to avoid doing business with you again.

A lot of people somehow wield the force to get through their own lives without a motto or mantra to guide them, and they certainly don’t need to hear the sender quote from Gandhi or whatever line they stole from Bartlett. If you wouldn’t tattoo it on your body, don’t put it in your email signature.

Feel free to briefly advertise yourself in an email signature as a father walking his daughter to the ladies’ room. But otherwise, don’t delay and let your work and the words above speak for themselves.

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