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Rusty Eiffel Tower Gets a Paint Job; Critics say much more is needed

In May 1889, the Universal expositiono Paris Universal Exposition, presented to millions of visitors what was called the “300 meter tower”, a large iron puddle structure at one end of the Champ de Mars. Although many important figures in the arts and letters, such as Charles Garnier and Guy de Maupassant, had protested its construction, the tower was a success and welcomed more than 2 million visitors his first year. Today, that number is more than 6 million a year, and the structure we are referring to is, of course, the eiffel towelnamed after its famous engineer, Gustave Eiffel.

With all the traffic on three currently visitable levels (restaurants, bars, and shops), it’s no surprise that the Eiffel Tower requires maintenance. However, the real culprit in your need for maintenance comes from the air: the effects of rust, pollution, and even bird poop. As another big milestones, the maintenance cost of the structure is high. To prepare it for the 2024 Paris Olympics, a $60 million (€50 million) renovation project was launched, according to France 24.

There have been questions about whether the efforts will be enough. Based on confidential reports, a 2022 article in Marianne He argued that the Eiffel Tower is in a terrible state and that its planned maintenance leaves much to be desired. Although it needs a “complete repair” quote The Guardians“She’s being given just a cosmetic makeover” for the Olympics.

According to the official Eiffel Tower place, he receives a full paint job every seven years, a frequency recommended by Eiffel himself, and a course of action said to give him eternal life. The process consists of stripping, cleaning, applying anticorrosive and then painting the tower.

Before we get into the do’s and don’ts, let’s better understand the structure itself and why it is in the condition it is.



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