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‘RuPaul’s Secret Celebrity Drag Race’ season finale recap:

The second season of RuPaul’s Secret Celebrity Drag Race has come to an end, and not a minute too soon. She doesn’t seem to be capturing the hearts of many. drag race fans, and while AJ McLean will always have the Backstreet Army behind him in full force, it’s not like secretcelebrity He got someone to talk once, at least after the first week, when it became immediately apparent that the “who are they???” premise did not work.

Anyway, all hail to the first overall winner of Secret Celebrity Race: AJ McLean aka Poppy Love. He clearly had something to offer that Ru and the judges wanted to reward and I don’t doubt their respect for LGBTQ+ culture and issuesbut ugh, did the straight guy have to win? Secret Celebrity Race? Poppy Love was fine, but she certainly wasn’t. the best of the group generally this season. On the other hand, AJ is probably the most popular competitor overall, which means he’ll get the most post-event press coverage, and maybe that’s all that really matters. He also apparently got the most votes from fans online, which makes sense given his former Backstreet fandom, but if it’s just a popularity contest, what was the point of all this? Or is it a futile question, because that would assume there was a point to Secret Celebrity Raceperiods?

Anyway, how do we get to the big climactic moment of Poppy Love? With more solo lip sync performances of course! Ru and her friends from World of Wonder went back to the same old pit for the celebrity finale, asking everyone to make a free theme song about the idea of ​​love. (And I mean that in general terms, because half the songs in the world are about love, and they picked three of the most random cuts.) To celebrate with the queens, the entire cast of secretcelebrity has returned, from Fabulosity, who is still very obviously Loretta Devine, to the shamefully stolen Chic-Li-Fay. I don’t have much to say about the whole show, other than that I liked Donna Bellissima’s little sign to “normalize kitten heels,” and I’m still not sure why they do Milli’s makeup that way.

As the three finalists take the stage, it’s clear they’ve set everyone in gold for the night, including the now-defunct Queens Supreme. Chakra’s look says “more is more”, Poppy is still leaning on that slide “Everyone” and Thirsty looks really beautiful and modern, but she always does it, so that’s nothing new. Ru announces that everyone is going to go off to prepare for their solo performances, but while that’s happening, we’re all going to watch some pre-recorded Tic Tac lunches.

Mark Indelicato/Thirsty is first on the hot seat, and things immediately get intensely personal as he reveals that he has long struggled with members of the general public who are trying to bring him out before he has come to terms with his own sexuality. Being thirsty helps Mark Indelicato get in touch with the more overtly feminine part of himself, as well as the sexual and flirtatious part. Ru reminds Indelicato that he has access to those parts of himself even by dragging, as Ru usually does, and things seem to be going well.

Next up is Poppy, in a pink outfit and hat that you know Ru wants for himself. AJ McLean says that offstage, he’s always gone by Alex, something he says fans of his generally know. (I didn’t know this, so I’m clearly not a fan.) While AJ is wild and tattooed and a bad boy, Alex is a silent jerk who has been in hiding for a long time while AJ claimed more attention. Being Poppy, he says, has helped him realize that he can be both Alex and AJ, and he’s come to a higher level of self-acceptance. hear calls Secret Celebrity Race “the greatest experience of my career”, which is very flattering for Ru and somewhat surprising. Literally? As out of something? IT’S OKAY.

Ru clearly loves Chakra 7, who opens up and says that she feels like she’s been reborn in the last few weeks or months or the time it took to film this show. Tatyana Ali says that being Chakra has helped her understand trust in a different way. She also helped her come to terms with her impostor syndrome, which is always a nice thing to hear.

This is where I will say that I can’t believe how little airtime was given to the charities these celebs are playing for. I think they literally mentioned the names of the charities once, and Chakra went by so fast I couldn’t even catch it. Poppy is stumbling for Trans Lifeline, and Thirsty is moving and dancing for Planned Parenthood. Both are such good causes that I wish they would get a little more airtime, especially during the Tic Tac talks. Why did they choose those? What do they mean to them? We’ll never know, I guess! I hate it.

It’s time to lip sync and Chakra is the first. She rehearses a backstage hit in Aladdin pants and a “No Tucks to Give” t-shirt that I assume came in some sort of gift bag. She keeps saying that she wants to “bleed on stage,” and while she doesn’t actually do that, she gives a very convincing impression of Tina Turner when she tackles “Better Be Good to Me.” Her Road Warrior Tina hers is amazing and brave, and I think she did a good job, but doing a good job technically has never been a problem for Chakra in all of this competition. I just don’t see enough of her in general, but apparently a lot of people do, including her. fresh prince of bel air co-star Karyn Parsons, who says in a video message that Ali “always inspires her.”

Poppy Love dons a boring bubble leotard for her rendition of “I Touch Myself,” which feels so blatantly obvious and “look at this wild straight man pretending to jerk him off” that I hate myself for watching. AJ said before the show that he’s trying to be comical, sassy and sexy in a performance, and while I suppose he might be seen as a bit of a joker in some circles, who still thinks? American Beauty the references are opportune, I would not include myself in those circles. I liked the joke about AJ longingly looking at a hot early 2000s photo of himself with abs, I guess, but everything else, no.

Having said that, I’m apparently alone in this hate, as Michelle praises Poppy for being “a guy, really,” but getting “to this point where [he’s] a fully formed personality.” Commenters, I have no idea what the personality is, and if you do, rate below. Ross says that Poppy has exceeded all the expectations he had for him, and Backstreet Bros Nick Carter and Kevin Richardson send a nice message saying that they are some of Poppy’s biggest fans. Also, we learn that Big Frankie is one of Poppy’s good friends, which honestly checks out.

Thirsty Von Trap selected “Hollaback Girl” as their song about love, which is a bit confusing because I never really thought of it as a song about love, but I guess I never really thought much about the lyrics before, so whatever. For his “camp, sexy” performance, Thirsty dons a marching band-inspired outfit that made me think of those circus horses with plumes on their heads, and it looks great on him, because everything looks great on him. God bless whoever helps her with the girth, padding, and proportions, because she Thirsty always looks like a goofy Barbie doll, and she really loves me.

His rendition of “Hollaback” is full of rides and dick/banana jokes, and it seems the judges quite liked it. Carson says “talk about the right time to peak him,” and Ross even goes for a sports reference, saying Thirsty “scored [herself] a touchdown.” Ana Ortiz is in the crowd cheering her on, and Thirsty gets a video message from her. hacks co-star Hannah Einbinder, who was a very good judge on the most recent season of drag race all stars.

Then Brooke Lynn Hytes, Jujubee, and Monét X Change come out and do a performance of “Blame It on the Edit,” which is a perfectly good RuPaul song that also came out this year, because Mother is nothing if not self-promotional. They joke about Jujubee’s cut, and then announce that all the celebrities have decided that Chakra 7 is Season 2’s Miss Congeniality. She dons a vulgar looking girdle that looks bad over her outfit.

As is the norm for most drag race finals at this point, Ru tells the contestants that she needs to see them lip sync one more time to really decide who wins. All who have ever seen drag race knows this isn’t true and the decision is made in the future based on how many #TeamWhatever votes someone gets on social media or whichever way the wind blows at the time, but all the queens play along with a Perfectly good cover of “I’m So Excited” by the Pointer Sisters. Thirsty works on the floor, Chakra’s wig seems to loosen up a bit, and Poppy is the only queen to play the piano solo, which Ru seems to find funny. There’s a fake coronation that goes into a commercial break, and finally Ru announces that the winner is (sigh) Poppy Love.

I don’t think I’m alone in saying that I really hope they don’t do another season of this show. While I admit that I think there’s probably a way they could continue to refine and get better contestants and actually do challenges that aren’t lip syncs but aren’t Snatch Game either, I don’t know if I need to see any of that unfold on actual TV. . it always feels like Secret Celebrity Race it’s a half idea, in all its forms, and I think it dilutes the brand in general, not that I think Ru cares about that at all, as evidenced by the 100 new seasons of drag race, drag race all stars, Drag Race Canada, Drag Race UK, Drag Race Down Under, Drag Race Spain, Endurance race France, Drag Race Philippines, Drag Race Italy, Drag Race Thailand, Drag Race Netherlands, Drag Race Germany, Drag Race Mexico, et al. appearing every year.

In the past, I’ve explained to my friends that drawing more attention to drag in all its forms can only be a good thing, but I think Secret Celebrity Race shows that there is an exception to that rule. Drawing attention to technically beautiful drag queens who have half-baked personalities only makes more people think drag is about how you look, when it’s actually about so much more. Nobody gets involved with Secret Celebrity Race seems to have realized or cared about that is just disappointing.

• I can’t believe Ru and her writers have waited all season to use the “go into the Thirst room first” pun. What moderation!

• I may not have really liked seeing RuPaul’s Secret Celebrity Drag Race, but I liked writing these summaries and expressing all my thoughts on the page. Thanks to each and every one of the people who read them, and to the excellent people of vulture who indulged my every angry whim.



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