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RJD Bihar boss says he never gave timeline of Nitish Kumar leaving CM post

A day after RJD Bihar chief Jagadanand Singh said that Prime Minister Nitish Kumar will give responsibility for the state to Tejashwi Yadav in 2023, he said that the latter has the image of a great socialist leader and that he has to lead the country.

“If Nitish Kumar were to lead the country in 2024, he would give the post of prime minister to Tejashwi Yadav. This is my statement and there is no timetable on it,” Singh said after arriving in Patna from Delhi on Friday.

“My statement was misrepresented by the media. I have said that Tejashwi Yadav is a popular youth leader from Bihar and everyone looks up to him. He promised 10 lakh jobs and CM Nitish Kumar extended it to 20 lakh. Now the grand alliance government has started giving letters of appointment to unemployed people. It is keeping its promise,” Singh said.

“…Unemployment reached the highest level under the NDA government. They did not give work to the unemployed. Now, we have started it and we are giving work to the unemployed… We are offering jobs with the expectation of increasing production in all sectors will help increase income and, consequently, purchasing power”, added the RJD leader.

In addition to Singh, another RJD leader, Bhai Virendra, Maner’s MLA also advocated Tejashwi Yadav being Prime Minister and Nitish Kumar running politics at the Centre.

Upendra Kushwaha, chairman of the JD-U parliamentary board, said Singh’s statement is worthless. “We don’t take it seriously. Nitish Kumar will remain Prime Minister until 2025 and beyond.”



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