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Rings of Power’s best character showed up, kicked butt and died

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power The sixth episode is the most action-packed yet, featuring a siege of Ostirith by Adar and his merry band of orcs. Amidst the flurry of violence and chaos, one figure in particular stood out: That Big Orc.

You know which one. Arondir the elf is doing his thing, killing orc after orc with his bow before falling off the roof of a building. Once on the ground, he stabs an orc in the chest and, clearly out of breath, backs away slowly. Suddenly, he recoils into an orc that seems twice his size, and turns around in complete surprise.

Arondir the elf looks back in surprise when he runs into a giant orc in the Rings of Power.

Image: Prime Video

It’s a golden moment: there are few better action-comedy beats in this world than “our hero, moments after doing some extremely cool things, accidentally collides with an extremely large adversary.” It is one of the few genuine moments of humor in the rings of power so far, and it sets up one of the best action sequences the show has ever had.

The big orc (I’ll call him Borc) grabs Arondir and throws him through a fence, immediately establishing the big guy’s superior strength. the rings of power he has struggled to make use of the physicality of the elves, but in this scene Borc is a perfect juxtaposition for the agility and grace in Arondir’s fighting style. After being thrown around like so many sacks of potatoes, Arondir meets the big guy in close combat, dodging Borc’s punishing blows and dishing out some fancy kicks.

A large orc hovers over a fence and roof in the Rings of Power.

Image: Prime Video

Arondir is then caught with a powerful right hand from Borc, clearly stunning him. It’s a really effective hit on screen – it catches Arondir flush and the sound effect is killer. Borc launches Arondir again and begins viciously attacking him, putting one of the show’s (many) main protagonists in real danger. It’s only when Arondir grabs a makeshift weapon and repeatedly slashes at the big guy that he seems to have any chance, and even then he’s close: Borc places Arondir in a pit and nearly drowns him. Fortunately for Arondir fans (but sadly for my fellow Borc fans), Bronwyn arrives just in time to stab Borc in the back. But that’s not before Arondir stabs the big guy in the eye and smears orc blood all over his face, in a particularly twisted moment.

Arondir the elf grits his teeth as the blood of a black orc spills over his face in The Rings of Power.

Image: Prime Video

So pour one for Borc, in some ways one of the most memorable characters in power rings. It provided the show with the necessary moments of humor and hard-hitting action, and met some crucial needs for good action cinema: moments of levity amid chaos, juxtaposition of fighting styles, and tense moments of sheer brutality. power rings and other shows like this could use more memorable characters like Borc, especially given the show’s other issues with character building.

You want to be missed, big guy.



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