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Razer Edge 5G Featured By Verizon, Available Next Month

Razer wants The maximalist gaming hardware maker announced this week that it is developing a new portable gaming device with 5G connectivity. The creation is the result of a partnership between Razer, Verizon and Qualcomm. verizon executives announced the association at the Mobile World Conference event in Las Vegas, Nevada, this week.

The handheld will be called the Razer Edge 5G, a name that suggests it’s an update to the original Razer Edge that came out in 2013. This new Edge allows users to play mobile games locally, as well as stream console games and cloud games. . The device will use 5G connectivity, which will make it more competitive among wearable devices. Regardless, the device will be up against some big players like the Nintendo Switch, Steam Deck, and even the recently announced Logitech. g-cloud Hand. That’s a crowded market. After all, you can already play mobile games or stream console titles via Xbox and PlayStation online services on your phone. But maybe Razer’s trademark understated aesthetic It will give you a… advantage.

Details about the price or release date have not yet been made public. Razer says it will reveal more about the console on October 15. Until then, one can only imagine how bright the RGB lighting will be.

Here’s more gadget news.

intel sync

Mac computers have had the ability to sync with iPhones for years. Now some PCs will be able to do the same.

upcoming intel application in unison It will allow users to access iPhone and Android mobile operating systems on desktop PCs. You can send text messages, make phone calls, and transfer photos or other files between devices using the software. For now, the Intel app will only be available on select newer Lenovo, HP, and Acer devices. laptopalthough it could expand to other makes and models next year.

Speaking of Apple…

Apple halts iPhone production

Bloomberg reports that Apple is slowing down production of its flagship product just weeks after announcing the latest generation of iPhones.

Don’t feel bad for Apple. The company still plans to make and sell around 90 million iPhones this year. It’s a staggering number, and it’s in line with sales in previous years. Apple just won’t see the increase in sales it hoped for.

The iPhone 14 launch has been more subdued than expected, perhaps due to the fact that all new iPhones are starting to feel a bit the same. The iPhone 14 models are good, they’re just nothing special in a long list of iterative updates from a company that has largely figured out how to do the whole “phone” thing pretty well. It seems that Apple’s dynamic island, while among the most innovative features of the product line in years, hasn’t attracted as many customers as Apple wanted.

Yes Boss

The people who make smart kitchen tech want you to think that all you need to cook better is a device connected to an app. But being able to tweet from your fridge or use a touchscreen to adjust your toaster isn’t really a substitute for good old-fashioned practice and the patience it takes to make a decent meal.

This week on WIRED gadget lab Podcast, food writer and WIRED contributor Joe Ray joins the show to talk about high-tech kitchen gadgets and why the most useful button in the kitchen is the “Add 30 Seconds” button on your microwave.


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