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‘Ramy’ Season 3, Episode 3 Recap: Limoges



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ramie it’s often better when the focus isn’t on Ramy. We’ve gotten great episodes about Maysa and her inner life and her marriage, Farouk after she lost her job, and Dena struggling with the pressures of sex. Here, we are exploring Farouk and Maysa’s marriage and financial problems. Farouk and Maysa’s conversions are always a great comedy, but as always, ramie It’s not just about the comedy; we also get to see the realities of a marriage that is falling apart. Hiam Abbass as Maysa is phenomenal to watch. Even in the scenes where she doesn’t say much, her facial expressions and her body language evoke precisely how the character feels.

The episode begins at the grocery store with Farouk in a suit and Maysa in a long padded jacket shopping for groceries, but it turns out they aren’t shopping for themselves. With no cash, they’re delivering groceries and Farouk leaves his business card in all the shopping bags, even though he doesn’t really have a business.

Back home, Farouk and Maysa are struggle. Everything Farouk does makes Maysa angry: she is using her fancy dishes, she sold Alexa and lost all her money in a bad investment in Cairo. So much maritime tension! Later, Farouk is watching TV with Shadi and Ahmed. (Why is Ahmed there without Ramy? Who knows). Maysa sits in the corner of the room, looking at her phone and looking at Farouk every time she says something. When she gives Ahmed some “life coach” advice to be honest with his wife, Maysa has had enough and announces that she is going to bed. She can’t stand her husband, and given the situation she’s put them in, she makes sense.

Later, when they unknowingly deliver groceries to an old friend, Farouk awkwardly fumbles for an explanation as to why he’s delivering groceries in the first place. First, he says that he uses the app a lot but that he likes to try all sides, which sounds like absolute nonsense. Then, after his friend invites them to tea with him and his wife, Farouk says that he is investigating grocery deliveries for an advertising company.

Inside, they drink tea and catch up, and it’s clear their friends are having fun. road better than Maysa and Farouk. Even his children are better. Maysa, clearly uncomfortable and ashamed of her situation, gets up to go to the bathroom but ends up wandering into the couple’s bedroom. She tries one of her friend’s perfumes, perhaps to fit into this woman’s better life, but it spills on her dresser and she frantically wipes it down with some tissues before heading back downstairs. When the woman recognizes Maysa’s scent and says that she wears the same one, Maysa adamantly denies it, and soon, everyone is sniffing her, as she grows increasingly frustrated and yells at them. The entire sequence is very well put together and is an excellent way of communicating Maysa’s dissatisfaction with the outcome of her life.

When it comes to Farouk’s insecurities, a strange dream sequence has him in Egypt. shark Tank, it is only titled sharpbank. His million dollar idea: print brand names on stickers and put them on the lids of takeout containers. So companies will save money by buying only the bottoms of containers, and Farouk’s company will ship free tops with ads on them. Maysa is one of the judges, and she sits in an elegant, gilt-trimmed chair, not unlike most of the somewhat flashy furniture that is always popular in Egypt. “They’re fucking stickers,” she says, the irritation in her voice more palpable than ever. Dena sits in another chair and asks if there is any property in her life, she says that she hasn’t saved any money and that she can’t even get her a husband to marry. From another chair, Ramy asks in Arabic, “What is this shit you’re doing?” He says that he thought they were Egyptians. Where is the innovation? Did they just build the pyramids and stop? And in a surprise guest appearance, shark tankRobert Herjavec’s shows up to say he agrees it’s a bad plan. They are all out.

Farouk finally wakes up on the couch with shark tank playing in the background. He gets up and goes out to meet a woman on the side of the road: she is selling Maysa’s fancy dishes, which, as we know, are important to her. When Farouk gets home, he shows her the wad of bills and tells her it’s for the mortgage and property taxes. Before telling her where he got the money, he gets defensive and says that he has the right to sell anything in her house bought with his money when he was working. He is in the house, so he belongs to everyone. Maysa gets up from the table and discovers that she sold him fancy dishes. “A true Muslim would never sell his wife’s things,” she says Maysa. She throws another hint: “You’re wearing a suit to deliver groceries… Aren’t you fucking embarrassed?”

Farouk, clearly embarrassed by the state of his life, retaliates, saying that he didn’t do his job as a mother. Look at Ramy, she says. Divorced on her wedding night. And Dena is still single. “Look at her, she’s dying,” she says. Dena says “fine” and leaves.

While the family’s financial struggles began in season two after Farouk lost his job, the situation has reached an unprecedented level of desperation. It is especially devastating given that Maysa and Farouk came to the United States for the opportunity to improve their finances and give their children a better life. And after more than 30 years in this country, they are at risk of losing their homes and their children are not doing well. And while Maysa has been somewhat unhappy in her marriage for as long as we’ve known her, it’s never been that bad. In the first season, she fell in love with a French man while driving for Lyft, but even then, she didn’t show the same disdain for Farouk that she shows now. We are seeing the culmination of years of resentment finally coming to a head.

Until ramie Episodes go, this was one of the strongest, really delving into the lives and problems of the characters, giving a realistic portrayal of a marriage in jeopardy and an immigrant family discovering that America is not the dream. And as always, Hiam Abbass steals every scene he’s in.

• In the car after going to the supermarket, Farouk hits Bad Bunny with his head until Maysa turns down the volume in frustration. Farouk says it’s one of “Obama’s favorite pieces.” He begins to analyze the song, with Maysa barely listening and telling him that she is not that deep. But Farouk protests and says in Arabic that the song “Savages” from “Megan the Horse” also has hidden meanings if you focus. I swear they sound like my parents, and honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if I got in the car with my dad one day and he told me he really likes “Megan the Horse.” Just the other day, he asked me if he should buy a pair of Yeezys. ramie really hits the nail on the head with its depiction of immigrant parents and their relationship to pop culture.

• On his way to sell the dishes, Farouk visits Ramy’s friend Mo, who, instead of his restaurant, is working from a mobile restaurant (also known as a food cart) that helped him get through the pandemic. In the cart are MAGA stickers and Black Lives Matter stickers. Mo set them both up for people to walk by, start arguing, work up an appetite, and buy food. He made the MAGA stickers a little bigger because they eat more, he says. Honestly, it’s not a bad idea.

• In one of the grocery store scenes, Farouk tries to get cheaper items for customers. Instead of Cheerios as requested, he wants to buy them imitation store brand cereal. Maysa is pissed off again, as it should be. I’m a loyal shopper of name brand cereal, and let me tell you, the store brand just isn’t the same. Maysa says that Farouk’s antics are affecting his ratings and that she doesn’t get tips. The scene really drives home the point that every time you get a man as your Instacart shopper, you don’t get the items he ordered.



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