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Our NFL Expert Picks for Week 12 of 2022

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. We have an early edit of picks this week due to the holidays, and I hope this allows you to watch us and give yourself a much-needed distraction while you scroll through your phone and desperately seek respite from your family.

I feel like a broken record at this point, but the picks went off the rails again in Week 11. This season has been unpredictable in so many ways, and that gave us one of the most incredible stories in expert picks this year. Ricky O’Donnell hasn’t had the greatest season overall: He’s been in last place three times this year and suffered a lot of tweets against the Bears in the process. However, in Week 11 he rose from the ashes like a phoenix to dominate with a power never seen before.

Ricky basically channeled his love Justin Fields, that’s my working theory, and went 12-2 picks to not only win the week, but also post the best single-week record of anyone this year. He wasn’t remotely close either, with second place being 8-6. That means he can tweet to Mark Schofield and myself since we tied for last, and I’ll add them when Ricky is done traveling for the holidays and has decided how he wants to put us down.

Here are the panel picks for Week 11. I hope you have a wonderful, happy and joyous Thanksgiving with your loved ones, and see you next week.



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