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Nuclear deterrence for China needs an upgrade




The US strategy to deter nuclear war is outdated and should be revised to address more likely scenarios, such as a nuclear conflict arising out of a conventional war with China or Russia, according to Paul bracken, professor of political science at Yale University.

Bracken told the Senate Armed Services Committee on Wednesday that military and defense officials are focusing too much attention on the most unlikely nuclear war scenarios. About 90% of today’s strategic military efforts seek to deter surprise nuclear strikes from China or Russia, with 10% focused on accidental warfare, he said.

“I think, relatively speaking, we have too much of a deterrent against surprise attack,” Bracken said. “So I don’t mind reducing the deterrence of this in favor of more attention to other contexts and settings. That the United States may be fighting at the gates of nuclear-weapon states, areas teeming with far greater numbers of weapons than today, is the real deterrence challenge. “

The dangers of nuclear conflict have increased as the Cold War confrontation between Washington and Moscow is now complicated by China’s large-scale nuclear build-up, Russia’s exotic new strategic weapons, and the expansion of other nuclear arsenals.

“We are now in a multipolar nuclear world,” Bracken said. “It is no longer just Russia with the bomb. China is doubling its nuclear forces, according to the director of national intelligence. Pakistan could have 300 weapons in 10 years. If China and Pakistan expand, it is hard to believe that India will not respond accordingly. “

Russia, for its part, is building a high-speed underwater drone with a 100-megaton warhead that will be the largest nuclear bomb ever deployed, capable of creating tsunamis that can destroy cities and ports. Moscow and Beijing are building large short- and medium-range nuclear missile forces, raising the stakes that a future conventional conflict will go nuclear.

North Korea is expected to have 150 nuclear weapons in 10 years, along with long-range missiles capable of hitting US targets and short-range systems aimed at Japan and South Korea.

Bracken sees China’s nuclear power as one of the most worrying sources for inducing future strategic warfare as China builds a triad of nuclear missiles, missile submarines and bombers. Academic studies of China’s nuclear strategy misinterpreted Beijing’s relatively small arsenal of nuclear warheads and its declared “no-first-use” policy.

“This narrow framework of the problem needs serious reconsideration,” Bracken said.

Bracken said it is unclear whether China has developed the doctrine and policies necessary for the use of nuclear weapons and whether they would be used if a conflict breaks out in Taiwan or on the Korean peninsula.

“Reading the Chinese nuclear doctrine as I have done convinces me that they have not thought about this,” he said. “The nuclear doctrine declared by China does not cover a wide range of possibilities beyond what was strictly drafted.”

Beijing’s vastly expanded nuclear power, he said, provides the Communist Party of China with new opportunities for political coercion and blackmail.

“It may be intended to deter conventional US intervention by posing nuclear risks to counter new US technologies such as cyber and super-precision attacks,” Bracken said.

The key to Beijing’s strategic calculation is the Taiwan crisis of 1958, when Chinese communist and nationalist forces clashed on the islands of Quemoy and Matsu off the east coast of China off Taiwan. The skirmish was China’s Cuban Missile Crisis because the United States at the time had nuclear weapons in Taiwan.

Declassified documents from the crisis reveal that the US Air Force was prepared to use nuclear weapons to counter a Chinese assault on the islands. President Eisenhower, however, rejected the use of nuclear weapons, even if Beijing invaded the outer islands. The lack of support from Moscow and the inability to deter a nuclear attack by the United States prompted Beijing to seek a nuclear arsenal.


The next 10 years will be a period of intensification of the conflict between the United States and China below the level of a kinetic war, according to Andrew S. Erickson, professor of strategy at the Naval War College. Beijing is involved in extensive “gray zone” operations in the seas around China that have increased tensions.

“Fortunately, the United States and its allies and partners can probably avoid a great-power war with China,” Erickson told The Wire China newsletter. “Instead, the situation that we are likely to face in the next few years, in what could be called a ‘decade of danger’, are periods of friction, tension and even crisis.”

Peacetime gray zone conflicts are reflected in China’s push to promote disputed maritime claims in the South China Sea and East China Sea, as well as undermine the rights and interests of regional states. Military and quasi-military operations in the gray zone are designed to avoid triggering direct military conflict.

Operations take the form of incidents in international waters and in some cases are deactivated with little impact.

“At other times, China acquires control of additional physical territory or maritime zones in the process,” Erickson said.

The Scarborough Shoal seizure on the Spratly Islands in 2012 is a key example. China used its coast guard forces and maritime militias to prevent the Philippine government from enforcing environmental regulations within the Manila Exclusive Economic Zone.

The Obama administration took no action against the Chinese over the capture of Scarborough, sparking a massive Chinese island-building campaign and a maritime seizure campaign based on the Scarborough Shoal model.

Chinese harassment of US Navy ships has also highlighted the gray area.

The most serious incident was the 2009 harassment of the USNS surveillance ship Impeccable in the South China Sea that was confronted by five Chinese ships and forced to leave the area.

“Again, unfortunately, apparently the United States never imposed a cost for this illegal and unacceptable behavior from the People’s Republic of China,” Erickson said. “The US government did not even publicly state that China’s maritime militia had been involved.”

China’s maritime activities are part of a concerted effort by Beijing to control the region off its coast “winning without fighting.”

“It is a gradual process. But over the years, combined with the fortification of the South China Sea outposts of the People’s Republic of China, something very significant is happening over time, ”Erickson said.

State Department Spokesperson Ned Price He did not directly respond when asked this week whether America’s 40-year-old policy of engaging China in hopes of spurring liberalization from the communist regime had failed. The Trump administration embarked on a major shift in US policy by taking a hard line on Beijing, and several of Trump’s policies have been adopted by the Biden administration for now.

“We have always said that it is a multifaceted relationship,” Price told reporters. “It is a relationship that will have competitive elements. It is a relationship that will have contradictory elements. And it is a relationship that will have some cooperative elements. “

In general, the relationship between the United States and China “is based on competition,” he said.

“Our goal not only by engaging with Beijing, but also with our partners and allies and also here at home, leveraging our national sources of strength, is to be able to compete and ultimately surpass China,” Price said. “This is an approach that, while having human rights at its core, is not an approach that requires rosy lenses on the nature of the People’s Republic of China, the nature of its leadership.”

Pressed on whether the conciliatory policies toward China were wrong, Price declined to say.

“I am not going to speak to previous administrations. I’m going to talk about the focus of this administration, and that is precisely our focus. It is a clear and principled approach for the People’s Republic of China that recognizes competition at the center of that relationship. “

Price said the administration still hopes to cooperate with Beijing on some issues, such as climate change, weapons non-proliferation and Iran.

Reach out to Bill Gertz on Twitter at @BillGertz.

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Trump-era officials join leaders to promote world peace




Senior officials from the former Trump administration, including former Vice President Mike Pence, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and former Secretary of Defense Mark T. Esper, joined other world leaders for a summit over the weekend to promote world peace and the hope behind efforts to end the North Korean nuclear crisis and the decades-long conflict between North and South Korea.

Pompeo told the meeting, which was screened digitally for participants on all continents, that diplomatic progress made with North Korea during the Trump era demonstrated that “reunification of the Korean peninsula is achievable.”

“We encourage the Biden administration, and we pray to them well, we hope they dedicate the same time as us, the same time and effort that President Trump made to such an important international issue,” said the former secretary of state and former director of the CIA. told a number of current and former heads of state and prominent American political figures participating in the digital “Rally of Hope.”

The event was organized by the Federation for Universal Peace (UPF) and brought together participants around what the organizers described as a moral struggle against oppression, poverty and racial discrimination around the world.

It was the sixth virtual demonstration of its kind since August 2020, and the meetings offered an outlet for collective optimism, hope and encouragement in what would otherwise have been a challenging period for the discourse of civil society oriented towards the peace amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The event was highlighted by the launch of “Think Tank 2022”, which a press release described as a “global network of experts in all sectors and fields” that will work to encourage international efforts to promote peace around the problem of North Korea.

High-level speakers promoted the initiative, which was created by UPF, a global non-governmental organization that operates in general consultative status with the UN Economic and Social Council.

Among the leading artists was David Beasley, executive director of the United Nations World Food Program, the world’s largest humanitarian organization.

“This rally is reaching out to every continent, uniting people from all over the world in a spirit of peace, mutual prosperity and public service. It highlights the importance of everyone coming together to work for peace around the world, ”Beasley said in pre-recorded remarks.

“I know that the dream of peace throughout the Korean peninsula is shared by millions of men, women and children on both sides of the border and by people everywhere,” he said. “Congratulations on the launch of Think Tank 2022 at this Rally of Hope.”

Other speakers included the President of Kosovo, Vjosa Osmani, the President of Niger, Mohamed Bazoum, the former President of the European Commission, José Manuel Barroso, the former Speaker of the House of Representatives Newt Gingrich, the Reverend Jonathan Falwell, the business leader. Jim Rogers and Sarah Gilbert, a professor of vaccinology in the University of Oxford’s Nuffield Department of Medicine who worked on the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine.

Former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, who was announced as President of Think Tank 2022, said the Rally of Hope series of events “has conveyed a message of hope and vision of peace to millions of like-minded viewers in the whole world based on the universal values ​​of coexistence, co-prosperity and righteousness. “

UPF President Thomas G. Walsh said Think Tank 2022 will feature “people-to-people diplomacy with high-level delegations to visit key nations.”

“[It] will seek to support and enhance the work of government agencies and multilateral organizations dedicated to promoting peace on the Korean peninsula as we continue to explore all avenues to pave the way for true lasting peace, ”Walsh said in a statement.

UPF co-founder Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon participated in a signing ceremony for a resolution formally establishing Think Tank 2022 during the rally.

Mrs. Moon, the widow of Reverend Sun Myung Moon, is the leader of the Unification movement that grew out of the Unification Church that Reverend Moon founded in 1954 – a year after the war between North and South Korea was frozen by an American-backed armistice. She and her late husband dedicated their lives to the reunification of the Korean Peninsula and the promotion of world peace. They founded The Washington Times in 1982.

Mr. Pompeo and other speakers praised Ms. Moon’s work.

The former secretary of state also reflected on his experiences as the top US diplomat and as director of the CIA in pursuit of a breakthrough on the North Korean issue.

Pompeo praised South Korean President Moon Jae-in’s persistence in pushing for diplomacy with Pyongyang. He also said the Trump administration “tried something different” to push for change in North Korea’s nuclear crisis, which has “eluded a resolution for decades.”

As director of the CIA, Mr. Pompeo clandestinely traveled to Pyongyang to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in April 2018. “The goal was to denuclearize North Korea, make peace and improve the lives of the people who live north of the inter-Korean border region, ”he said.

Pompeo emphasized that during the Trump administration’s diplomatic push, which featured three face-to-face meetings between former President Donald Trump and Kim, the North Korean leader agreed to the goal of complete and verifiable denuclearization of the Korean peninsula.

“[Mr. Kim] he agreed that this was his goal, although he noted that the eventual normalization of relations with the United States was also his goal, as was the reunification of the Korean peninsula, “Pompeo said.

“We must all work together to achieve these important goals,” he said, adding that the Trump-era efforts also yielded other measurable results, including the halt to North Korea’s long-range missile and nuclear tests.

“This eliminated the risks,” said Pompeo, emphasizing that China, which shares a border with North Korea and is Pyongyang’s main trading partner and ally, should do more to aid denuclearization efforts.

China also took into account the statements of Esper, who told the rally that “the world is at a historic turning point” and has “entered a new era of great power competition.”

“As in the past, also in the future, a strong and ready army, one integrated into a network of alliances and partnerships will be critical in this new era of great power competition that is now upon us,” said Esper. “This was the Reagan doctrine of peace through force.”

Pence, whose remarks at the meeting marked the second time the former vice president has spoken during a Rally of Hope event, also sought to draw attention to the need for China to take a more constructive role.

“Now more than ever, the freedom-loving nations of the world must come together and call on China to respect human rights, democratic principles, freedom of navigation and do its part to achieve the final and fully verified denuclearization of the Korean peninsula, “he added. he said.

Pence also praised the weekend’s event as an effort to promote peace not only on the Korean peninsula, but around the world. “Today, as leaders from around the world who appreciate the values ​​of faith, family, democracy and justice under the law,” said the former vice president, “I congratulate you for joining in this event to continue sowing the seeds of peace, believing that in time we will reap a harvest of peace that will benefit the people of Korea, the United States and all of humanity. “

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Deputies: NFL player’s brother found dead in North Carolina




RALEIGH, NC – The brother of a Chicago Bears player was found dead in a North Carolina electrical substation Sunday, authorities said.

The News & Observer reports that Tyrell Antar Cohen, the brother of runner Tarik Cohen, is believed to have been electrocuted while attempting to climb over electrical equipment, according to Wake County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Eric Curry.

Curry said Tyrell Cohen fled the scene of a car accident in Raleigh early Saturday morning. Police tried to locate the 25-year-old but could not, so they canceled the search.

Cohen’s family submitted a missing person report to the police department Saturday night, according to Curry, and officers began searching for him again Sunday morning.

The sheriff’s office responded to a call shortly after 9 a.m. from a Duke Energy substation in its jurisdiction where an employee had discovered Cohen’s body, Curry said.

“It entered the substation, which may have been a result of the accident,” Curry said, according to the newspaper.

Authorities do not suspect a crime, according to news releases from Wake County officers and Raleigh police.

Tarik Cohen grew up in Franklin County and graduated from North Carolina A&T State University.

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Tropical Storm Andrés forms in the Pacific off southwest Mexico




MEXICO CITY – Tropical Storm Andrés formed off the southwest coast of Mexico on Sunday, the first named storm in the eastern Pacific hurricane system.

The US National Hurricane Center said Andres is unlikely to pose a threat to land, predicting that he will stay well out to sea and head out into the open Pacific.

By mid-afternoon, the storm centered about 620 miles (1,000 kilometers) south of the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja California peninsula. It had maximum sustained winds of 65 kph (40 mph).

Forecasters said the storm was expected to weaken to a remnant low by Tuesday.

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Goodbye, goodbye: Latin American boy band CNCO loses member




NEW YORK – Latin American boy band CNCO is shrinking.

The group announced on their official Instagram page on Sunday that Joel Pimentel, 22, will be leaving the band, turning the successful quintet into a quartet.

“We are saddened to tell you that after five and a half unforgettable and life-changing years together, Friday May 14 will be Joel’s last day as a member of CNCO. We want everyone to know that while Joel is leaving and looking for new opportunities, we are and always will be brothers. We support him in his next chapter, and always, most importantly, we will remain a family, ”reads the statement from the remaining members Richard Camacho, Erick Brian Colón, Christopher Vélez and Zabdiel De Jesús.

“We know this is sad news and it’s going to be as difficult for all of you as it is for us, but we appreciate you staying with us. While it will be different, we are so excited to continue in this new era for CNCO, and we can’t wait for all of you to see what we have in store for you! “

CNCO, whose members are between the ages of 20 and 25, was formed in 2015 on the Univision music competition series “La Banda,” created by Ricky Martin and Simon Cowell. CNCO also announced that the group will have their final performance as a quinceañera on Friday.

“You are the ones who keep us going and have us so excited to continue together stronger than ever. For that reason, we wanted to give everyone a final gift together, ”they said about the upcoming live broadcast concert. “We love you and we will see you very soon!”

CNCO has been hugely successful on the Latin music charts, releasing eight Top 10 hits on Billboard’s Latin Pop Playlist, including No. 1 tracks “Reggaetón Lento (Bailemos)” and “Se Vuelve Loca.” The band’s songs have reached audiences around the world, performing especially well in countries like Colombia, Mexico, Spain, and Argentina.

CNCO’s first two albums, 2016’s “Primera Cita” and 2018’s “CNCO,” debuted at No. 1 on the Latin charts and reached the Top 40 on the Billboard 200 album chart of all genres. The band’s latest work, the cover album “Déjà Vu”, was released in February.

The group has won multiple honors at the Latin American Music Awards, the Latin Billboard Music Awards, and the iHeartRadio Music Awards. The band’s “MTV Unplugged at Home” performance won Best Quarantine Performance at last year’s MTV Video Music Awards and they were nominated for Best New Artist at the 2017 Latin Grammy Awards.

Over the years, many popular boy bands have lost members. The results have varied: some members are replaced, some groups disband, and others advance. Zayn Malik left One Direction in 2015 and the group carried on without him, while ‘N Sync never released music after Justin Timberlake released his Grammy-winning solo debut in 2002.

In a second statement issued to The Associated Press, CNCO said the band has “become a family, a brotherhood, and we want the owners of CNCO to know that that will never change.”

“We are stronger than ever and this is just the beginning for us. We have so many exciting things we’re working on coming out very soon and we can’t wait to share them with all of you! “The statement continued. “We love CNCOwners so much, they are what keeps us going, and that is why we wanted to give them this live broadcast as a gift to see the 5 of us together for the last time.”

Charging …

Charging …Charging …Charging …Charging …Charging …

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Police: Maryland man killed 3 neighbors and set fire to house




WOODLAWN, Maryland – A Maryland man who, according to neighbors, had a long history of assault, became enraged over the weekend, shot or stabbed three people and set his home on fire before responding officers responded to him. fatally shot, police said Sunday.

A news release from the Baltimore County Police Department identified the victims and provided the clearest picture yet of what the department said happened on a suburban Baltimore residential street early Saturday morning.

According to police, a preliminary investigation indicates that 56-year-old Everton Brown broke into a neighboring house, where he stabbed and shot 41-year-old Ismael Quintanilla.

As 37-year-old Sara Alacote fled that home in an attempt to escape, Brown chased her outside and fatally shot her multiple times, according to the press release. When two neighbors left their home, Brown also shot them, according to police.

One of those two, Sagar Ghimire, 24, was later pronounced dead, according to the press release. The other gunshot victim, who was not identified, is recovering from his injuries.

At some point during the course of the events, Brown also set his residence on fire, police said. The scene was a charred mess: A fire official said Saturday that the building where the fire started, as well as an adjacent one, collapsed and a third home was badly damaged.

Police received numerous calls reporting both the fire and an active shooter. Officers who responded that they were carrying body cameras ran into Brown in the parking lot, police said.

Four shot him until they were able to arrest him, according to the press release. He was taken to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Investigators later found several homemade explosive devices in one of Brown’s two vehicles, police said. They also recovered a pistol and a large knife.

Police have not provided a motive or details about what preceded the attack. They said Sunday they were still conducting interviews and processing the scene.

Gail Watts, a longtime neighborhood resident who said she witnessed the attack unfold, told The Associated Press on Saturday that many in the neighborhood thought Brown was mentally ill. He said he was aggressive towards women and often accused neighbors of watching him.

Other neighbors who spoke to the Baltimore Sun, which had written about Brown in 2008, described similar erratic and threatening behavior.

Detola Laditan, whose parents have lived nearby since 2005, told the newspaper that Brown had been “terrorizing residents on the street” since they lived there.

“Everyone knew something was going to happen,” Laditan said. “Everybody lived in fear.”

Charging …

Charging …Charging …Charging …Charging …Charging …

Brown unsuccessfully sued the Justice Department in federal court in 2012, the newspaper reported, claiming the agency had been monitoring him for more than five years and had illegally denied a public records request seeking records of such surveillance.

A judge dismissed the lawsuit and wrote in his decision that “Brown’s videos of alleged aerial surveillance by the FBI generally show only stars or other celestial bodies,” the newspaper reported.

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The vote count is underway after the Virginia Republican convention




RICHMOND, Va. – The count began Sunday afternoon at a Richmond hotel to tabulate the votes cast by tens of thousands of Virginia Republicans the day before in the party’s nomination race for governor and other state offices.

The several dozen people managing the manual counting effort began their work with the help of the attorney general, said John March, a spokesman for the Virginia Republican Party.

March said there is a chance that at least the attorney general candidate could be declared Sunday. He said the governor’s race would be counted second, followed by the lieutenant governor’s race.

Officials warned that it may take several days to finish the count, which was complicated by the classification voting method used, as well as a proportional representation system given to each city and county.

The Republican Party chose, after a long and fierce struggle, to hold what it called a non-meeting convention on Saturday. Because pandemic restrictions prohibit mass gatherings, delegates cast their votes Saturday at nearly 40 polling sites across the state.

The Republican candidates for attorney general are: Leslie Haley, a partner in a law firm and an elected official in Chesterfield County; status Del. Jason Miyares; Chuck Smith, former commander of the JAG of the United States Navy; and Jack White, Minister, Army Veteran, and former Clerk to the United States Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito Jr.

Democrats will elect their nominees for state office in the June 8 primary. In that party’s nomination race for attorney general, state Del. Jay Jones challenges incumbent Mark Herring.

The Washington Post reported that the start of Sunday’s vote count was briefly delayed after a housekeeper entered the ballroom where the ballots were stored and tore the tamper-evident tape that had been used to seal the room. That set off a frenzy to investigate and review the video to make sure nothing happened, according to the newspaper.

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Protests erupt in Iraqi city after activist murder




BAGHDAD – Protesters set trailers belonging to the Iranian consulate in Karbala on fire on Sunday amid widespread anger over the killing of a prominent activist in the Iraqi city.

Ehab Wazni, who was actively involved in organizing anti-government protests that swept through Iraq in October 2019, was shot overnight outside his home by unknown assailants.

His death sparked one-day protests in Karbala that saw protesters block roads and bridges with burning tires. Then on Sunday night, dozens of protesters gathered in front of the Iranian consulate, burned tires in front of the building and set fire to several trailers parked outside, according to law enforcement officials and videos posted online.

Similar scenes unfolded in November 2019 during protests in Baghdad and Iraq’s Shiite-majority provinces in the south, with protesters on at least one occasion scaling concrete barriers surrounding the Iranian consulate in Karbala to tear down the Iranian flag and replace it with the Iraqi flag.

Popular protests that began in October 2019 and lasted for months were directed against a postwar political system and an elite class of leaders whom Iraqis accuse of plundering Iraq’s wealth while the country is impoverished. But the protesters have also directed their anger at neighboring Iran and the powerful Iraqi Shiite militias linked to it.

Protests in Karbala, Baghdad and cities across southern Iraq have often turned violent, with security forces opening fire and protesters burning government buildings and the headquarters of Iranian-backed militias. Hundreds of people died, including the killing of activists.

The protests have largely been dormant since the coronavirus pandemic.

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Documentaries and plays are finding their own online streaming destinations

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Vaccinating people is the only long-term solution to the Covid crisis in India: Fauci

Vaccinating people is the only long-term solution to India’s current COVID-19 crisis, America’s leading public health expert Dr. Anthony Fauci...

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Covid-19 Second Wave: Be Proactive, Not Reactive

This should be followed up with the strengthening of health infrastructure and other capacities. The harsh reprimands in editorials like...

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Free Covid-19 Vaccine From Patent Trap

The US decision has also helped convince the Gates Foundation, one of the largest donors to the WHO-GAVI-CEPI initiative, Covax,...

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Covid Blues: the second wave could shake the economy

The dichotomy observed in recovery after the first wave will worsen; In addition, many more low-income households are likely to...

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Hassles take longer to settle your installments

The hassles appear to be taking full advantage of the Electricity Late Payment Surcharge Rules, 2021, whereby the late payment...

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Fintechs Pick up MDR Tab, Enjoy Trader Float

Merchants would undoubtedly opt for an exemption from the MDR, typically between 2% and 3% of the purchase value, only...

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Fourth quarter results: IT companies take the lead as India Inc posts good numbers

While sales have undoubtedly been strong, India Inc.’s results continue to be driven by cost cuts as well as in...

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WDFC will change the face of rail logistics

Commissioning of the Western Dedicated Freight Corridor (WDFC) to the Gujarat ports of Mundra and Pipavav in FY22F should lead...

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Social, Emotional and Ethical (SEE) Learning: We need to SEE beyond STEM learning

Currently, all 21 Akanksha schools employ SEE practices as part of their schedule (these include quality circle time for students,...

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SIS trains almost all its staff through M-Trainer

SIS currently employs 2.2 lakh security guards deployed across India. Using its M-Trainer platform, Security and Intelligence Services (SIS), India’s...

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Edtech: Fliplearn aims to enroll 50 lakh students by 2025

The platform also offers gamified questionnaires as a participatory learning experience, thus enhancing students’ cognitive skills and increasing their attention...

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Divestment: sale of PSE important to the NIP agenda

Although COVID-19 pushed back the Center’s plan, it has provided time to undertake much-needed preparatory groundwork for these transactions, including...

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Adani Ports & SEZ Rating: Purchase numbers were below expectations

Our assumptions take into account some market share gains and margins of 68-73% in FY22E-25e. Management is preparing for margins...


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Frankie Delgado reveals the ‘humble’ moment he considered filing for unemployment this year

For Madison Brodsky, Staff. 12 seconds ago Frankie Delgado introduced viewers to a life of luxury in the first...

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John Legend praises ‘wonderful wife’ Chrissy Teigen after ‘year that tested you in so many ways’

For Zach Seemayer, 25 seconds ago John legend he is celebrating his beloved in Mother’s Day. The musician paid...

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Benji Madden celebrates Cameron Diaz, ‘My religion is family and my mother is God’

For Jamie samhan. 15 seconds ago Benji Madden took to Instagram to praise Cameron Diaz on Sunday. “My religion is...

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Relaxing ASMR Trends on TikTok, According to Zodiac

TikTok is great for learning that your favorite procrastination techniques have names and watching golden retrievers sing Olivia Rodrigo songs,...

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The worst things you can do to your hair

If your bathroom is full of hot tools and styling products, listen to this: While giving your hair lots of...

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Stranger Things: What Happened to the Lab Kids?

The latest preview of season four from Strange things brings us back to the arc in season two when He...

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Olivia Rodrigo denounces the sexist criticism of the lyrics of the songs

Image source: Getty / Rachel Luna Raw, emotional and catchy for their cores, Olivia Rodrigo and Taylor SwiftThe song lyrics...

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Bindi Irwin celebrates her first Mother’s Day gracefully

Bindi Irwin is celebrating her first Mother’s Day after welcoming baby Grace with her husband Chandler Powell in March. On...

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Joel Pimentel leaves CNCO for ‘new opportunities’

For Jamie samhan. 19 seconds ago CNCO had a surprise update for fans on Sunday. The Latin boy band announced...

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15 minute low impact foot workout with Denise and Katie

Celebrate Mother’s Day with this quick, low-impact workout from the mother-daughter duo Denise other Katie austin. Denise brings you some...

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Watch Pete Davidson in Chad on Mars Sketch on SNL

The hilariously clueless Chad is back Saturday night live, and this time he’s on Mars. During the May 8 episode,...

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Travis Barker pampers Kourtney Kardashian on Mother’s Day

For Jamie samhan. 6 seconds ago Travis Barker went out of his way to celebrate his girlfriend Kourtney Kardashian on...

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Watch Miley Cyrus Performances On Saturday Night Live 2021

Miley Cyrus was the musical guest on Saturday night live on May 8, and she completely rocked the house. As...

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Reebok “Mommy & Me” Collection by Cardi B Inspired by Kulture

You better believe that Cardi B is doing her best for her second Mother’s Day as a mom, and she’s...

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Watch Meghan Markle’s speech on Global Citizen’s Vax Live

Meghan Markle made a guest appearance during Global Citizen’s VAX Live: the concert to bring the world together Saturday night...


Tech17 mins ago

Disney includes Gina Carano in its push for the Mandalorian Emmy Awards

Gina Carano in season 2 of The Mandalorian. Disney Plus Despite Lucasfilm saying it wouldn’t work with her anymore, has...

Tech24 mins ago

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2 Starts Right After Intergrade DLC

Square enix Last year Square Enix finally launched Final Fantasy 7 Remake, which is not an actual remake of Final...

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Top 15 TV Shows to Stream on HBO Max

Cristin Milioti stars in Made For Love. HBO max. HBO Max has even more to offer than the already excellent...

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Star Wars: the Bad Batch release dates: when is episode 3 coming to Disney Plus?

The Bad Batch is a group of elite clone troopers. Lucasfilm What better way to celebrate The fourth of may...

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Debris from a runaway Chinese rocket crashes to Earth over the Indian Ocean

The Long March 5B launched the core module of the China Space Station in April. The rocket now spirals back...

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9 of the best movies to watch on HBO Max

HBO Max could have been known as the home of Zack Snyder’s Justice League, but now it’s where Warner Bros....

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Elon Musk on SNL: Watch Him Play Wario, a Cowboy, a Dogecoin Expert, and More

Musk played a doctor, a dogecoin expert, and himself on SNL. Screenshot from Leslie Katz / CNET video This weekend,...

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The cyberattack forces the closure of a major US oil pipeline.

Because it is privately owned, Colonial is under less pressure than a publicly traded company to disclose details. But as...

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Porsche Macan EV 2023 prototypes hit the road

Argue: Porsche Macan EV 2023 prototypes hit the road Login to comment Be respectful, be polite, and stay on topic....

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What to do if your car is recalled

Millions of cars are recalled each year, and roughly eight million have been recalled by 2021, according to the National...

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Which Samsung Galaxy Phone Should You Buy? We compare them all

Samsung has always had a kind of scatter approach to its phone launches, offering a wide variety of phones with...

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Dogecoin Suffers Big Price Drop During Elon Musk’s SNL Appearance

Find Elon. Yuriko Nakao / Getty Images Despite the hopes of Dogecoin believers Elon Musk’s appearance on Saturday Night Live...

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Elon Musk Reveals He Has Asperger Syndrome During SNL Monologue – Watch It Here

SNL video screenshot by Leslie Katz CNET Elon Musk is not a comedian by nature, but gave it a try...

Tech4 hours ago

SpaceX accepts Dogecoin as payment for lunar mission next year

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk is a huge fan of Dogecoin. fake images A recently announced SpaceX flight to the moon...

Tech4 hours ago

The simple closure of a bank goes wrong and leaves customers without access to the account

Online bank Simple closed on Saturday and was supposed to seamlessly transfer customer accounts to its parent company, BBVA. Instead,...


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7 backyard activities to keep the whole family entertained

I am a firm believer that getting bored is good for the little ones. There were hundreds of times when...

Lifestyle2 days ago

5 Postpartum Recipes for Optimal Health and Wellbeing After Birth

When I was on bed rest in the hospital with Liam, I started seeing an acupuncturist at the UCLA East-West...

Lifestyle2 days ago

14 on-screen mother-daughter relationships we love

When I watch movies that focus on mother-daughter relationships, I can’t help but think of my own mother. Either Rory...

Lifestyle2 days ago

Three mothers who shaped the American civil rights movement

Photo courtesy of Anna Malaika Tubbs The names Berdis Baldwin, Louise Little, and Alberta King may not elicit instant recognition....

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How Golden Moments became the king of durian desserts in S’pore

Growing up, Josiah Jeremy never thought of running his own business. He had worked at a corporate company for the...

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Top 21 Home Decor Brands Online To Spice Up Your Space

Have you ever felt a creeping upheaval triggered by a burning desire to redecorate your space, or is it just...

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10 foods high in B12 (and the best B12 supplements)

Stroll down the beverage aisle at the grocery store and you’re sure to find an energy drink (or five) with...

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This S’pore brand is making sex toys mainstream, retailing in 4,000 stores

When you want to buy sex toys, where do you usually go? Sleazy sex toy shops in the hidden alleys...

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Temasek and BlackRock are raising billions for environmental startups

In early April, the world’s largest asset manager BlackRock ($ 8.67 trillion AUM) and Singapore’s Temasek Holdings announced that they...

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Wall mounted staghorn fern plants for condo decoration

Not long ago, I came across a home décor product that I found quite unusual. It seemed to imitate those...

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M’sian DIY T-shirt and Bag Art Kit to Boost Kids Confidence

“I was bullied as a child many, many times growing up. There was a lot of verbal and emotional bullying...

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This S’pore label makes men’s shirts that last longer than ‘tropicks’

Anyone who has lived in Singapore would understand how hot and humid the climate is; just a stroll down the...

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The wearable for discomfort during penetrative sex

My favorite tool is communication, first of all, if you go to a restaurant and there’s something on the menu...

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How to use the pelvic watch for back relief and center support

Almost two decades ago, Yana blinovaDoctors recommended invasive spinal surgery to repair his back injuries. Instead, Blinova used her knowledge...

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The 19 Best Interior Design Instagram Accounts To Follow Right Away

As I try to decrease the amount of time I spend mindlessly scrolling, perusing interior design Instagram accounts is one...