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Newly Elected Republican Women Strengthen House Majority | human events

On November 8, the American people elected a Republican majority to lead the United States House of Representatives. Although the margin is narrow, a majority is a majority.

In January, freshmen members of Congress from across the United States will be sworn in as members of the House.

The newly elected representatives of the United States, including the women of the Republican Party, who come from very different backgrounds with a wide range of backgrounds, will bring unique perspectives to Washington, DC.

Consider Monica De La Cruz, a small business owner and single mother of two from the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. A newcomer to politics, De La Cruz will become the first Republican in history to represent the Texas 15.the Congressional District.

As the daughter of a single mother and the granddaughter of a first-generation American and immigrant, from the cross he grew up knowing the value of service, perseverance and education. As part of her campaign platform, from the cross advocated for school choice, securing the southern border, and implementing universal welfare work requirements.

Throughout his campaign, he maintained his essence message Consistent: “What I stand for and stand for are my values ​​of putting God first, putting our families first, and putting America first.”

De La Cruz’s message resonated with voters in her constituency, with an eight-point victory over her Democratic opponent, Michelle Vallejo.

Similarly, Jen Kiggans, who unseated Democratic incumbent Elaine Luria in the race for the 2North Dakota Congressional District, advocated for returning power to families, supporting businesses and job creation, and providing affordable health care.

mother of four children, kiggans She served as a helicopter pilot in the US Navy before working as a geriatric nurse practitioner. In 2019, she was elected to the Virginia state senate, where she served as an advocate for veterans, active duty military, and working families.

During her tenure as a state senator, Kiggans worked to provide our American heroes and their families with the care and benefits they deserve. In CongressShe plans to continue giving back to the men and women who have served our country by supporting US Department of Veterans Affairs reforms and policies that encourage more job and career opportunities for veterans.

Kiggans’ victory over Luria, in one of the most competitive House races this cycle, underscored that voters wanted a candidate who would fight valiantly for them.

In the fifth of Oregonthe Congressional District, voters also selected a candidate capable of generating results. Lori Chavez-DeRemer She served as Happy Valley’s first female and Latina mayor for eight years. While she served as Mayor from 2010 to 2018, she led Oregon’s fastest growing community and made it more business-friendly, safer and more affordable.

Now, Chavez-DeRemer she will be the first Hispanic woman in Oregon to be elected to Congress. After winning her election by two points and flipping the vacant seat to the Republican Party, Chavez-DeRemer he said, “Oregonians spoke loud and clear that they wanted someone with a proven track record, someone who could roll up their sleeves, someone who could get things done and appeal to all Oregonians.”

Newly elected Republican representative for the 9th.the congressional district erin houchin he also has a proven track record of success from his time serving in his state senate. While serving as the 47th State Senator.the Indiana’s district, Houchin passed legislation to protect the unborn, uphold Second Amendment rights, and support law enforcement. In addition, Houchin supported balanced budgets and fought against tax increases.

As a small business owner and mother of three, Houchin will bring her experience fighting for fiscal responsibility, opposing sprawl and supporting law enforcement in Indiana to the Capitol.

From skyrocketing inflation and rising crime, to failing schools and record overdose deaths, Americans and their families face devastating and looming challenges every day.

Congress has a duty to deliver on issues critical to the American people. Republican women who have just been elected to the US House of Representatives have made it clear that they intend to get the job done.

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