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Jaishankar calls for ensuring Indo-Pacific stability amid global challenges

During his bilateral talks with US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin at the Pentagon on Thursday, Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar said that the stability, security and prosperity of the Indo-Pacific must be ensured. , as the world situation has become very challenging.

“So for me, our meeting today and my presence here today, I share with you that the global situation has become much more challenging for a variety of reasons. In the Indo-Pacific in particular, it is important that stability, security and prosperity of the Indus. -The Pacific must be secured, which is the best among others,” Jaishankar said during opening remarks at the Pentagon.

He also emphasized building stronger defense industrial collaboration and military exercises between India and the US during the talks.

Both leaders expressed their commitment to deepen bilateral defense cooperation and expand information sharing and logistics cooperation to drive deeper operational coordination between the US and Indian militaries, said Pentagon press secretary Gen. Air Force Brigadier Pat Ryder, at a reading.

Austin and Jaishankar also discussed new opportunities for bilateral defense industrial cooperation in support of India’s contributions as a regional security provider.

The two sides also look forward to the launch of a new defense dialogue later this year as the United States and India work more closely in space, cyber, artificial intelligence and other domains, the statement read. .

In addition, Lloyd Austin and S Jaishankar underscored the value of deepening collaboration between the United States, India, Australia, Japan and European partners, with both leaders reaffirming their commitment to working together as strong partners to further America’s shared vision. and India for a free, open and inclusive Indo-Pacific.

During his opening remarks in Washington, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin slammed China for “unprecedented provocations in the Taiwan Strait” during bilateral talks with Foreign Minister Dr S Jaishankar. , at the Pentagon, saying that India and the US, the two great democracies, are working together toward a brighter future for the Indo-Pacific as the world faces sustained challenges to peace, security and prosperity in the region and beyond.

“Our bilateral defense ties are just one way our two great democracies are working together toward a brighter future for the Indo-Pacific. The United States in India, along with a dozen other Indo-Pacific partners, is pushing to expand the prosperity of our region for the Indo-Pacific economic framework,” Austin said.

Referring to QUAD, the strategic coalition of major Indo-Pacific democracies comprising India, Australia, Japan and the US, Austin also underscored current concerns about maritime security in Taiwan and the Indo-Pacific.

Austin also criticized China for supporting Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, saying, “China (PRC) continues to support Russia amid its cruel and unprovoked invasion. Therefore, we face sustained challenges to peace, security and prosperity in the region and beyond.

Notably, Foreign Minister Jaishankar was received by US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin at the Pentagon in an enhanced cordon of honor ceremony on Thursday.

This meeting comes a day before Jaishankar is due to meet with his US counterpart, Secretary Anthony Blinken.

The Foreign Minister concluded the high-level debate at the United Nations General Assembly in New York on Saturday. Jaishankar was in New York from September 18 to 24.

In Washington, Jaishankar is expected to meet with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and other top Biden Administration officials. A round table focused on science and technology is also on the agenda in Washington.

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