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Introduction to GPU and Peer-to-Peer Rendering

Webinar: Introduction to GPU and Peer-to-Peer Rendering

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High-performance data acquisition and processing capabilities

Learn more about digitizer basics

Now available on demand

Duration: 35 minutes

Join Teledyne SP Devices for an introductory webinar on the basics and benefits of point-to-point transmission and GPU post-processing in data acquisition systems.

Selected topics covered in this webinar:

  • Comparison between different data transfer methodologies
  • Processing differences between FPGA and GPU
  • Overview of solutions offered by Teledyne SP Devices

Who should attend? Engineers who want to learn more about the data processing capabilities of high-performance data acquisition systems.

What will attendees learn? System-level requirements and achievable performance when using different data transfer methodologies between digitizers and graphics processing units (GPUs). A brief introduction to processing properties in FPGA versus GPU. Digitizer capabilities, OS compatibility, supported GPU models, etc.

Presenter: Thomas Elter, Senior Field Application Engineer

Register below to attend the webinar



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