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‘I would vote for Trump…’ – RedState

Is Joe Biden a dangerous president? Joe Rogan thinks so, because the Commander in Chief is not in command of himself.

In the Wednesday edition of The Joe Rogan Experience, America’s favorite podcast powerhouse sat down with New York comedian Dave Smith. As a libertarian political commentator, Dave appeared on Fox’s Kennedy as much as the greg gutfeld show, and on CNN SE Cup: Unfiltered.

A theme during his talk: crazy things that the president says.

It started with thoughts on VP Kamala’s speaking skills. He can remember her lecture on the passage of time:

Joe drew an entertainment metaphor:

“You know there are those comedians who are really good comedians who have a girlfriend, and the girlfriend also does comedy? And she bombs all the time. … [N]Next thing you know, ‘Who opens for Jeff?’ He has brought back his girlfriend. ‘Oh no. He’s going to give him another chance.’”

Kamala has activated:

“[S]he is so trigger burnt (when speaking for the cameras). … You [can] say he is almost in shock. … [S]he is much worse (than before). Terrified.”

“Is this a caricature of the worst that would be?” Dave volunteered. “What are these Democrats going to do, man? Can Joe Biden really run for re-election? And if he doesn’t, can they really house her?”

Rogan posed a question and, in a way, launched a warning:

“How do they (Democrats at the highest level) get [both Joe and Kamala] out (out of the way by 2024)? If I were Kamala Harris, I wouldn’t take small planes.”

The pair discussed Biden’s shocking call in March for the The Russian president will be removed from powerthat the White House immediately retracted.

From Dave:

“You say, ‘Dude, you can’t just say that the policy is to topple Vladimir Putin… That’s, like, a huge thing to say. And then they come out and say, ‘The White House issued a statement that its policy has not changed.’ And you say, ‘Who is the White House? Who? Is he the chief of staff? Is he the vice president? Is she his wife? Who is the White House? He is the boss of the White House.”

Biden has certainly set the record straight: He is less than totally on top of the syllabic studs jumping the low fence of his dentures.

skyaustralia has compiled some compelling clips:

Dave hit the decline of the president:

“If you listen… to a speech he gave in 2012 or 2013, he’s missed several steps.”

And Rogan won’t pull a lever for the former Delaware senator:

“[I] I can’t vote for Biden. For example, I would vote for Trump before voting for Biden. And the reason is that… you knew it. You knew it was deteriorating. forgetting of [his] politics when he was lucid. I mean, he was lucid during the Obama administration. You have barely heard of him. … [R]Regardless of what you think about his policies…as a human being who is in a position of extreme stress and power, that is insane. That’s crazy. That’s crazy. That’s crazy. It’s gone so far.”

Joe also put it another way, one that was a bit more colorful:

“[H]Having a guy like him in the office is fucking dangerous. … [It’s] legitimately dangerous, man.

Everyone ages… that’s how time passes. For those who wish to dig deeper:


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