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How is Artificial Intelligence Transforming Video Editing?

Marketing and media are two constantly evolving industries that commonly see developments in tandem; advertisements have moved from print to radio, to television, and finally to digital media, all within a single century. 

You may know that the average attention span has decreased to just about 8 seconds. In response, video content and advertising have had to adapt. 

A key aspect of advertising in the modern age is short-form video content, which attempts to impart the most effective product and service impressions on consumers as efficiently as possible. Movie trailers follow a similar composition philosophy. In terms of content, video entertainment has similarly seen a shift to highly-condensed video formats.

Videos need to be brief yet interesting and engaging to catch viewers’ attention. Consequently, there is very little room for bloat and fluff in the modern video format.

But, how are you to know which parts of your video will resonate most strongly with your audience? Skilled presenters and video editors will have a knack for that kind of thing, but for many, this is where the main benefit of AI video software lies.


What is AI-Assisted Video Editing?

Recent developments in AI and machine learning have affected our lives in many ways, from the cars we drive, the way we shop, and how we manage our finances. Video software is one industry where AI is causing a paradigm shift. AI video software can allow you to take a bulk of shot footage and cut it down to only the essential clips for communicating the message you want to get across.

You can easily produce videos made with the help of AI with advanced video editors like Movavi. Movavi is an online video converter with AI functionality that you can use to edit your videos; it’s even available directly from your browser, so all you need is an internet connection. 

Apart from Movavi, there are plenty of other tools available to you: Leawo Video Converter Ultimate, for example. AI video editors like Leawo are powerful editing suites capable of enhancing and crafting your footage into exactly the kind of content you want, with AI intelligent enough to make videos suited for personal enjoyment or commercial use.

How does AI Video Software Work?

AI video editors work because they can analyze thousands, even millions, of examples of a single output to create a specific type of video. Feedback is then given for the AI’s output, and through a machine learning process of refinement and elimination, AI creates the ideal output given the input data. 

The best-known example to illustrate what goes into the machine learning process that enables all types of AI has to be the trailer for the 2016 horror film Morgan —created with the help of IBM’s Watson supercomputer. 

Watson was shown a large collection of trailers for hit and top-grossing horror films to base its output. Essentially, making it an expert on the creation of horror film trailers, based solely on the economic success of the films the trailers were for and what cinematographic elements those trailers contained. 

The Watson subroutine that created the Morgan trailer is a form of AI, known as Artificial Narrow Intelligence, where AI can perform a single task extremely well. When shown the Morgan movie footage, the AI curated scenes that would perform well within the trailer based on the data.IBM had given it.


While this kind of development in AI technology might sound frightening to videographers and video editors, it’s worth realizing that Watson’s output was based entirely on statistical trends. While the Morgan trailer may have been technically excellent, there is no substitute for human creativity, particularly with a medium as creatively driven as video. 

AI is great for automating tedious and laborious tasks, but in the end, a human is often necessary for higher, executive-level decision making. After all, it took a human to edit the final cut of the trailer, making use of the input from Watson. 

Since 2016, AI has been increasingly used in video curation. AI video software is becoming more and more powerful, allowing our tools to make our jobs easier. 

Today, AI video editing tools have leveled the playing field for small-time content producers without the budget to hire expert video editors. AI video software has allowed amateurs to produce video content to rival the production values of established brands.

AI and the Future of the Video Editing Industry

AI video software has applications beyond simple video curation. Because AI can analyze videos, it could be implemented into any editing tool, like color calibration, object removal, visual effects, and image stabilization. And, we’re seeing editing tools like WinX Video Converter and many others start to implement AI. 

Video-based social media platforms like Snapchat, Youtube, and TikTok are a prime focus for AI development because of how video content is set to dominate social media in 2022

AI is reshaping video editing as a tool to assist and support human editors. Tools like FonePaw Video Converter can analyze video and audio to assist editors in storyboarding through AI face-, speech-, and movement-detection. 

AI video editing technology can augment different types of videos in many ways, and so it’s almost certainly going to see more use as the technology is developed and refined. While AI video software may never be able to match the creativity of a professional video editor, it will make video production more accessible to individuals who lack those talents.

AI can evaluate interviews and offer completely transcribed transcripts to editors. Speech-to-text conversion, keyword extraction, picture identification, facial recognition, emotion detection, and sentiment analysis are all possible with AI video software, saving video creators time and effort. 

Consider AI as a tool that can help you simplify video editing and reduce the amount of time it takes.


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