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FACT CHECK: Does New York allow abortion up to 28 days after birth?

a post shared on facebook claims that a recently passed law in New York allows abortion up to 28 days after the birth of a baby.

Verdict: False

No such bill has been passed. A spokesperson for the New York Department of Health denied the claim.

Fact check:

Several states have restricted abortion access following the Supreme Court ruling on Dobbs V. Jackson, according to The New York Times. New York activists seek to increase abortion access for people out of state, which has resulted in state lawmakers passing bills protecting providers, the media reported.

The Facebook post claims that New York “just passed a bill allowing “abortion” up to 28 days after birth. (RELATED: No, JK Rowling didn’t post this abortion tweet)

There is no evidence that New York has passed such a bill. Check Your Fact reviewed New York State law place and did not find any active bills or press releases that extend the length of when one can receive the procedure. there is also no credible news reports suggesting that a law has been passed.

“This is unequivocally false and people spreading this type of misinformation are irresponsible,” Jeffrey Hammond, deputy director of communications for the New York Department of Health, told Check Your Fact via email.

A spokesman for the Guttmacher Institutea group of pro-choice research think tanks, told Check Your Fact that “there is no such law and the New York legislature is not in session at this time.”

New York allows abortion up to 24 weeks for any reason, or beyond that point if a person’s “health or pregnancy is at risk,” according to the New York Department of Health. place. New York Reproductive Health Law, I pass in 2019, it does not state anywhere that abortion is allowed 28 days after birth.

This is not the first time that abortion has generated misinformation on social networks. Check Your Fact recently debunked a claim that suggested the video game “Saints Row” featured a pro-abortion message when a user attempted to leave any mission.


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