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Dreadwolf developers give a sneak peek at some codex entries

Get a taste of the tradition in store for dragon age 4

the team behind Dragon Age: Dread Wolf is giving fans a taste of the lore that awaits them in the new RPG. The writing team has shared a handful of codex entries from scary wolfas part of a community update on the upcoming dragon age.

in a BioWare blog postthe team behind scary wolf exhaust the basics. As you say, stories and characters are at the core of BioWare games. Each person has their own motivations and each entry has its own hero, shaped by the decisions of the players.

So creating a world that is interesting for role-playing is very important. And that is what today’s codex entries reveal. scary wolf he will set out for the Tevinter Empire, an ancient and powerful region ruled by a multitude of mages.

This codex entry is about the Great Necropolis, a huge mausoleum in the city of Nevarra that is mentioned in Dragon Age: Inquisition. Quoting Brother Genitivi, a scholar you can meet at origins, talks about the differences in handling the dead and the “misconceptions” of others. Other entries shown in the new blog discuss dragons and even has a quarterly issue to review.

Forge the codex

It’s a really interesting blog that continues to chat with two members of the writing team, discussing their work on scary wolf. For anyone who’s wondered what writing work looks like in a massive RPG like this, it’s a fascinating idea. In a section that really got me interested, narrative editor Ryan Cormier discusses how the team decides what it should do and should notbe a codex entry in scary wolf.

“Before any writing, the narrative team analyzes which inputs are necessary and which are not. It is crucial to properly time codex unlocks with player progression. No one wants a dozen entries with just ten minutes of gameplay, but interested players shouldn’t have to wait long to learn more about the people, places, and concepts featured. Does a codex unlock when something is mentioned for the first time? When does a related character appear? Is input only required if they actually interact with said thing?

Senior writer Sylvia Feketekuty explains this. The team chose to highlight the Necropolis entry because it was fun to write.

“I wanted the game’s author to be frustrated with Brother Genitivi’s portrayal of the Necropolis while also trying to deny the depth of his irritation with said world-famous scholar,” Feketekuty said. “It is a diary, but we see that the author still feels compelled to exercise a measure of decorum in his private writing. And the micro-reveal at the end is that he’s someone he knows in real life, not far from Genitivi, who’s bugging the poor guy about Nevarra’s death rituals.”

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A new role to play

It’s a good idea to see from the developers. Many developers recently took to Twitter to share a behind-the-scenes look at their work after the massive GTA filtration. And the Dead space other rollerblading The teams, also under the EA banner, have been sharing first looks throughout its process.

Hopefully this is a slow but steady sea change in the way we view games. Seeing how game sausage is prepared can be eye-opening, and in cases like this scary wolf codex blog, give a really cool insight into how great worlds and games are built. I’d like to think that encourages someone out there right now, who wants to write for himself.



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