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‘Don’t Let Them Get Away With It’: Donald Trump Jr SHOOTS Democrats Over Martha’s Vineyard Migrants’ Hypocrisy | human events

Donald Trump son gave his thoughts on this week’s relocation of illegal immigrants from texas and florida to the tony resort island of Martha’s Vineyard, and the consequent transfer of those people back from Martha’s Vineyard to a military base, at the request of wealthy residents.

“It’s amazing to me the outrage that magically happened,” he said. “They send 50 people to an area in a state where the vast majority of people who live there have been in favor of open borders and they let everyone in and all of a sudden it’s a disaster.”

On Wednesday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis joined a growing number of state leaders, such as Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who have been sending illegal immigrants to “sanctuary destinations” across the country. DeSantis sent 50 illegal immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard.

By Friday, Martha’s Vineyard leadership had called 125 National Guard to take immigrants to a military base on Cape Cod.

“The people of Martha’s Vineyard are allowed to have a border,” Trump Jr. said, “Texas is not.”

Biden’s border crisis has seen a record number of 1,659,206 illegal immigrants cross the southern border of the United States in 2021 and there have been more than two million encounters in fiscal year 2022. Month after month, hundreds of thousands of immigrants enter the United States illegally, mainly to Texas.

“So Martha’s Vineyard’s response to sending 50 illegals was to declare a humanitarian emergency, activate 125 National Guard soldiers and get them out of their town,” Trump Jr. added.

Martha’s Vineyard had proudly displayed a sign with many of the most popular leftist clichés, such as “we respect women,” “we value black lives,” “we stand with members of the lgbtq community,” and “we stand with immigrants.” , refugees and with people of all faiths.

“You have to see the sign that they put their hypocrisy without limits, without end,” Trump said, noting that his “support immigrants” sophistry lasted less than two days.

“50 illegal immigrants could die in the back of a hot truck being smuggled across the border. The media doesn’t care, does it?” Trump said, pointing to the humanitarian crisis on the southern border, and specifically pointing to the incident in July where 53 illegal immigrants died while being packed on a truck as meat for transportation.

But bring 50 illegals to a “liberal stronghold, home to wealthy and spoiled people, and it’s literally a humanitarian crisis.” Biden’s border crisis it has generated a historic number of deaths from human trafficking, as well as an unprecedented amount of drug smuggling.

Martha’s Vineyard is a community where the vast majority voted for President Joe Biden in the 2020 election and where the median home price is $1.325 million. Former President Obama has a mansion on the island.

“Don’t forget guys. And most importantly, Biden has been transporting illegal immigrants in the dead of night from Florida to New York across the country,” she said, noting that Biden had secretly been doing the exact same thing Republican governors have been called kidnappers and human traffickers for doing.

“Don’t get away with it,” he said.



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