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Best Bitcoin Earning Apps

With all the ways to make money today, don’t you wish that you could be in one of those time travel movies where you get to go to the past and tell your past self about all the crazy ways to earn money. In today’s world,  bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies are booming, and might just be the best financial investments, so let’s check out the best bitcoin earning apps.

Spark Profit

What is Spark Profit?

Spark Profit is a fun bitcoin market prediction tool that is interactive. This financial trading simulator allows you to make predictions on real-world markets like foreign exchange and cryptocurrencies.

You will gain more points if your forecasts are more correct. You may pay out your profits in BTC once you have accumulated enough points. Spark Profit began operations in 2013 and claims to have distributed more than half a million dollars so far. The software pays out weekly to its over 100,000 users and includes a variety of tools and courses to help you get the most of your trading experience.

The game is accessible as an app for iOS and Android devices, as well as a web-based game.

Additional aspects of Spark Profit

Versions for PC and mobile devices Weekly earnings of up to $100 are possible. Customer support, a minimum balance of 20,000 points to withdraw, and privacy mechanisms in place for personal data.


If you appreciate financial markets and have a penchant for speculating, this book is for you.


What exactly is CashPirate and what services does it provide?

CashPirate is a mobile software that allows you to earn rewards by completing the available offers. It resembles a Get-Paid-To (GPT) website. The main distinction is that this platform is only available on mobile devices.

Now, in order to fully assess this app’s potential as a viable source of income, we must first examine how you will be able to profit from it. So, here are the possibilities for generating money.

Paid Offers 

Because CashPirate is primarily a GPT site for mobile users, you can expect to make money by completing sponsored offers.

When you log in to the site after installing the app and completing the registration procedure, you’ll be able to see all of the available paid offers in the Earn Coins area of the app.

Paid offers will either invite you to download and install an app (typically a mobile game) and test it out, as illustrated in the image above. Other sponsored offers may need you to participate in surveys or view videos.

Each paid offer will inform you how many coins you’ll get when you finish it, as well as the steps you need to do to finish it.

Earning money via paid offers is based on a very basic concept. All you have to do now is follow the on-screen directions.

Option 2: Recommendation Programs

Another option to make money with CashPirate is to invite others to join the mobile app. You must share your invite code with others in order to invite them to join CashPirate.

You may earn prizes by recommending others to join the site through their multi-level referral scheme.

They must supply your invite code when they register for CashPirate in order to become your recommendation.

You will receive 10% of their profits after they become your referral, which will be covered by CashPirate.

You will receive a 5% fee from their profits if they invite another individual to join the site.

How would you get actually paid?

Every paid offer you complete will earn you coins, which will be deposited to your CashPirate account as previously specified. After that, you may spend the coins you’ve earned to get any prizes you like.

You can be compensated in four different ways. You have the option of receiving free money via PayPal, recharging your prepaid phone, exchanging the coins for Amazon gift cards, or exchanging them for prepaid Visa cards.

If you wish to get paid using PayPal, you’ll need a minimum of 2500 coins. This is the same as $2.50. Payments are made in $2.50, $5, $10, or $25 denominations.

In order to recharge your phone, you’ll need 1800 cents. The cost will vary depending on the cell provider you choose.

Amazon gift cards and prepaid Visa cards are only available in a few countries, such as the United States and France.

Overall, CashPirate’s payment options are quite simple, mostly since they accept PayPal, which is, in my view, the most convenient payment method accessible today.

How much can you earn?

Review of cash pirate: - Full detailed revealed, Gameplay, Download.

The amount of money you can make with apps like these is mostly determined by how many paid offers you can complete.

The amount they pay for each offer you complete is a secondary aspect that will effect your earnings.

In other words, if they pay you well, you may earn more with less effort.

In terms of the number of offers you may complete, long-term members have indicated that the number of paid rewards offered on a regular basis would be limited.

As a result, don’t expect to make a tonne of money using this software. Even though they have a low payout barrier, you won’t be able to reach it quickly due to the limited amount of offers offered.

Furthermore, the majority of the offers you may complete will only reward you with 100-200 coins. In comparison to similar platforms, the incentives for the same work are relatively modest.

Altcoin Fantasy

What is Altcoin Fantasy?

Altcoin Fantasy is a risk-free cryptocurrency trade simulator that allows you to learn how to trade digital assets. Altcoin Fantasy was launched in 2018 and is now accessible in the United States and Canada, with intentions to extend into Asia.

The game’s user interface is professional and comparable to that of a fantasy sports website. You may win BTC or other cryptocurrencies like ether, lumens, and others in weekly and monthly tournaments on Altcoin Fantasy.

Altcoin Fantasy now has over 82,000 players and has given out over $25,000 in prizes. The website allows you to swap virtual USD currency for bitcoin. Both Android and iOS versions of Altcoin Fantasy are available.

Additional aspects of Altcoin Fantasy 

Supports a wide range of digital assets, offers daily prizes of up to $100 for a single account and requires no deposits anywhere in the world.


Try Altcoin Fantasy is one of the best bitcoin earning apps,  if you want to earn free bitcoins by guessing financial markets and playing games


What is Rollercoin? The Bitcoin mining video game - Bitnovo Blog

What is RollerCoin?

RollerCoin is a bitcoin mining sim in which you compete with your friends to earn bitcoins. This bitcoin game is similar to bitcoin mining, only instead of doing complex calculations, you may earn bitcoin by completing jobs, missions, testing your abilities, and playing games.

What’s special about RollerCoin?

The game provides a unique experience in which you may be confronted with genuine duties such as power bills, data center repairs, rent, and air conditioning charges. Play side missions, do mini-tasks, update your data center, and more to boost your mining power.

How much payout has RollerCoin made?

Every five minutes, RollerCoin distributes a block reward to all participants according to their mining power which can be worth a few bucks. The platform was started in 2018 and has paid out a total of 1.65 real bitcoin so far. On, you may follow the community’s debates and most users playing the game.

Additional characteristics of RollerCoin

Payment processing to earn free bitcoin takes up to two days, and a minimum withdrawal balance of 10,000 satoshis is required and  Customer service is available


Do you want to start mining bitcoins? In this free bitcoin game, you may learn about it in a fun, game-based way.

Satoshi Quiz

Satoshiquiz Bitcoin Trivia App APK for Android | Satoshi Quiz

What is Satoshi Quiz?

Satoshi Quiz is a public web-based free bitcoin game in which you may earn bitcoin by answering questions from a variety of topics. You have a chance to earn 1,000 satoshis for each question you successfully answer.

To win bitcoin, you must be logged in and one of the first three people to properly answer the question. The awards are given out in a tiered method that varies from question to question. You may also pick between daily, weekly, and monthly awards.

Withdrawals need a minimum balance of 11,000 satoshis, and payments are made at the end of each week.

Additional aspects of Satoshi Quiz

Live chat capabilities, Support team on Twitter and Facebook, Premium Account, and Faucet option are available.


Try Satoshi Quiz if you want to play an intellectually interesting game with free bitcoin prizes.


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