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Asrock will send you a replacement motherboard if you can’t remove the stickers from your DIMM sockets

What the hell?! It all started with a Reddit post, as it often does. Reddit users shared some gory photos of an Asrock X670E Steel Legend with decal fragments stuck to the inside of the memory slots, and commenters quickly realized that Asrock was adorning their motherboards with a crippling decal. .

The label (shown below) is a warning in the guise of an installation guide. It has some tables indicating where to install memory, a note warning that the first boot after a CMOS reset may take a while, and another table with the boot times associated with different memory capacities: up to 400 seconds or six minutes and medium. for four 32 GB USB sticks.

In a thread on the subject, a non-Redditor He suggested that the label was there to prevent users from taking the motherboard to the store for replacement, thinking it was faulty due to long boot times. Instead, users are replacing the board because they can’t peel off the label without leaving residue in the DIMM slots.

Last week, the first photos of the sticker disintegrating on the boards (header) generated outrage on r/AMD and other hardware subreddits, as the label sticks directly to the DIMM slots. If it breaks, it can leave a residue that partially blocks the interface between the memory cards and the motherboard. It also looks awful.

The good news is that the problem is small in scope. Asrock announced last month that it had resolved the long boot time issue with the help of AMD and was rolling out an updated BIOS to the assembly line. Boards with updated BIOS do not need the warning and do not have the label, so only the first ones shipped need them.

If you have the label and you don’t want to or can’t send your plate in for a replacement, there are ways to remove the label residue yourself. If the sticker is still on the board, heat it up with a hair dryer first, then try peeling it off with something plastic, like an old gift card. If the label has disintegrated, the hair dryer and a little patience are probably still your best option. You can also try the cotton tips rubbed in non-conductive cleaning agents at your own risk.

However, since Asrock is fine with 1 the motherboard for you, also could accept the offer. You can return the board where you brought it and say there is a problem with the memory slots.



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