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Alternative opportunities for ETH miners

Ethereum has switched to a proof-of-stake model officially called Fusion, and it brought about significant changes in the crypto world. Many things that we know about cryptocurrencies are completely different now. One of the considerable changes awaits Ethereum miners, who should now see if they will be able to mine when Ethereum 2.0 is released. Everything indicates that there will be a real fight, to which only some will adapt. Most of them should change the currency they mine and adapt to new investment models.

Over the weekend, between September 15 and 16, the merger took place and Ethereum moved to a completely different consensus mechanism. One of the changes secures the blockchain using capital locked in validation nodes, which is different from the proof-of-work currently in use. The change that will occur is supposed to bring in a hardware bag of more than $4 million. The question is where to operate, develop or upgrade that investment. They could mine other GPU-friendly coins like Ethereum Classic (ETC) or a proposed Ethereum fork that kept proof of work. Unfortunately, neither of those two options will guarantee the same flow of money as before.

Therefore, they could choose another option and resort to the different cryptocurrencies. Some new and interesting games provide much more security and sustainable money earned for years to come. Tamadoge, Battle Infinity and Lucky Block are completely unique in the cryptocurrency market, with fantastic potential to multiply your money. The key is an exciting game that attracts many new players, and their participation promises a long and stable jump in value.

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Why should Ethereum miners turn to the new options?

Since the inception of Ethereum, they have planned proof of stake in their roadmap. However, it has occasionally been delayed for years. Finally, in December 2020, the launch of the Beacon Chain, the central nervous system for Ethereum 2.0, sped things up. The first concrete technical step of the development team happened this year and ended in September. After numerous complicated tests of the Ethereum 2.0 fusion and its architecture in multiple tests, they have prepared for activation.

Although miners still invest money in graphics cards (GPUs) and other mining equipment, they cannot invest as much in hardware as before. It seems that they knew, but they did not change the plans much, leaving everything unresolved. All of the above makes Ethereum 2.0 volatile when cryptocurrencies lose investor confidence. Miners should consider changing their currency; this time, it should be a completely different mining method.

There are three new games in the world of cryptocurrencies: Tamadoge, Battle Infinity, Lucky Block, new rising stars in the world of cryptocurrencies and, in fact, the cryptocurrencies with the greatest potential. The secret is its excitement and potential to keep players entertained for a long time. All three have exciting games as base models, impressive early success, and numerous additions that will make money in future stages of their existence. Tamadoge, for example, raised $19 million and finished pre-sale much earlier than planned.

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Why TAMA is better to invest?

The game behind TAMA is Tamadoge, a new/old game based on Shiba Inu and Dogecoin, but much better and better. The developers who created previous versions have learned from the mistakes and falsehoods that the previous versions have, so now we have a completely new and perfect game. It is a game with a pet that the owner feeds, cares for and grows to adulthood. During that period, you buy clothes, necessities, and accessories, whereby the pet becomes a unique NFT token that the owner can sell. In addition, reservations will be offered in individual stores, where you can use TAMA tokens as a payment system.

The current price of TAMA is 40 TAMA for 1 USDT, and the price continues to grow. Thanks to the FOMO that bought over $80,000 worth of Ethereum, the price rose rapidly this past weekend. The cryptocurrency hit the 19 million USDT milestone, ending the presale much earlier than anticipated. You can join the growing community on Twitter with more than 70k followers or the Telegram group with more than 20k members and follow the changes on this coin. Keep in mind that things change quickly when it comes to this coin, making TAMA the best coin to invest in right now.

How to find TAMA?

When the presale ended, the next step was to list on crypto exchanges, starting with OKX and his DEX with more CEX listings rumored to be next. However, you have to wait for the news on September 23, when the developers announce more news. Now you can join a raffle and win $100,000, but don’t worry even if you are late, as the developers will host many new raffles in the future, and you can still win battles where your pet can win a prize. and move up the rankings.

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Is IBAT a good model to invest?

Another P2E game, Battle Infinity, and its native IBAT token have already attracted a large number of players and investors. The token also finished pre-sale shortly, already listed on Pancake Swap and applied on CEX listings. The game was a fantastic success, but it is not yet complete. You can buy IBAT on launch day when it appears in the Pancake Swap DEX.

How to play Infinite Battle?

This is also a game and one of the most popular and leading crypto game platforms. It combines a P2E game, NFT and a rich virtual world. Players can earn chips (denominated in IBAT) in many ways. They can use different avenues and get involved in Battle Infinity fantasy sports league, cryptocurrency staking and NFT trading. The game itself is based on the same principle as Tamadoge, but with created avatars that fight between players within the online world. IBAT is a BEP-20 token, and its supply is a market capitalization of 10 billion.

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Why is Lucky Block a good investment?

This unique lottery system behind the Lucky Block cryptocurrency aims to bring players from all over the world together in an incredibly amazing lottery game that the world has yet to see. The coin is leveraged on the blockchain protocol and operates on the Binance Smart Chain. Lucky Block and its native BLOCK token have impressive potential to double your money fast. In addition to the option to win the prize, token holders can also create a sustainable financial plan.

Are you ready to be a millionaire?

Many players increase the chance of winning the price and increase the value of the coin. Low margin transactions allow players to participate in lotteries and increase the chances of winning prizes. Gambling will not be restricted or related to local financial systems. BLOCK is listed on LBank and is a leading centralized exchange CEX. Buying the coin will not charge you any fees as it has one thousand gold LB coins for high ranks. Holders of gold coins can join a member club, aD users can trade BLOCK through a decentralized exchange.

lucky block

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Taking all this into account, we can say that Ethereum is going to the new platform, which will bring serious problems to miners. They will not be able to trade in the same way as they have done before, and their investment and profits will not be able to be used as before. Only a part of the current miners will continue with Ethereum 2.0, while others will choose new investment models. It’s time to switch to games like cryptocurrency, where Tamadoge, Battle Infinity and Lucky Block are among the ones with the most potential to multiply your money. In addition to the tremendous potential, they will attract and entertain you for a long time, which promises a stable coin.



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