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Air Force officials recount ridicule after sharing experiences with UFOs



Public attitudes towards UFOs were very different when the retired Air Force captain. Robert Salas took the stage of the National Press Club in Washington almost 11 years ago.

Away from the red-hot interest in the phenomenon that is spreading across the country today, Mr. Salas and six fellow Air Force veterans, accompanied by noted UFO researcher and author Robert Hastings, detailed their own personal experiences with non-aircraft. identified at a time when the theme was often mocked, dismissed, and canceled as a tinfoil hat conspiracy tradition.

Still, the historic press conference in September 2010 provided an important national forum for credible stories of encounters with unidentified craft, including Mr. Salas’ 1967 account of strange lights over Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana that says they temporarily disabled nuclear missiles at the site. . Other retired officers told equally impressive stories of UFO sightings across the country and at least one incident in England.

Despite how rare it was for high-ranking officials to come together and publicly demand that the Pentagon clarify UFOs, Salas said the event quickly faded into the background, as elected officials and mainstream media had little long-term interest in UFOs. a legitimate story. While the press conference generated serious news coverage, Salas recalled how at least one major national newspaper sent a humor columnist, not a reporter, to cover it.

“What happens here is that people get excited about this issue for a while and then a few days go by and something else takes over the news. And then there seems to be a deflation of interest, “the 80-year-old captain said. Salas told The Washington Times in a recent interview.” We’ve seen this before. We’ve seen it many times before going back to 1952, “when the Force Aérea launched its now famous Project Blue Book program to track military interactions with unidentified flying objects.

Indeed, America’s fascination with UFOs has ebbed and flowed over the past century, but interest is now approaching a fever pitch amid new inquiries from powerful lawmakers on Capitol Hill and an acknowledgment from the Pentagon that there is numerous UFO encounters that cannot yet be explained.

The Department of Defense and intelligence agencies later this month are set to deliver a major report on UFOs to Congress.

Congressional sources briefed on the study say it raises as many questions as it answers and does not come to any definitive conclusions about whether the UFO sightings are connected to extraterrestrial life.

Also possible, the report is expected to say that at least some of the unidentified objects could be Russian or Chinese military aircraft.

Capt. Salas and other military veterans who say they have seen UFOs doubt that the report provides real answers or reveals information that really changes the game. But he said it may be able to open the door to Congressional hearings, which could give a boost to those who have waited decades for the world to take them seriously.

“There is not enough accepted evidence … unless and until witnesses are allowed to speak in front of a congressional hearing and present our evidence,” he said.

‘Spinning our wheels’

There is an unprecedented push in Congress to dig deeper into UFO sightings. Some key lawmakers say the issue could pose a significant threat to national security.

“There are things flying in our airspace,” Sen. Marco Rubio, Republican of Florida, told Fox News in a recent interview. “We don’t know what it is. We have to find out. “

Even former President Obama has expressed a similar sentiment, saying in an interview last month that there are “objects in the sky that we don’t know exactly what they are.”

But UFO investigators have little faith that powerful senators or even former presidents have the clout to force the federal government to finally open all of its UFO files. Only a sustained public pressure campaign, they say, will be effective.

“All this public and media attention will be wasted if the people who keep the secrets refuse to play ball. If they are going to make a stone wall like they have been doing since the 1940s, then we are all turning our wheels, I’m afraid, ”said Mr. Hastings, who helped organize the 2010 press conference with Mr. Salas and has written extensively about UFOs and how they have allegedly shut down the US nuclear arsenals on numerous occasions.

But if there is enough pressure, who knows? At some point it could reach a critical mass, ”Hastings told The Times.

Hastings has spent decades interviewing military personnel who claim to have had personal encounters with UFOs. Such accounts among service members go back even before World War II and, until recently, the Pentagon said little about them.

But a series of leaked Navy videos has put the Defense Department and intelligence agencies in a position where they can no longer ignore the problem. The most recent images, captured in 2019 by the USS Omaha, appear to show an unidentified object disappearing in the waters off the coast of California. Last May, the Navy recognized as genuine three videos showing military pilots tracking objects in the sky that were moving at incredibly fast speeds.

Shortly after the confirmation of those videos, the Defense Department publicly revealed its Unidentified Aerial Phenomena. [UAP] Task Force, designed to “detect, analyze, and catalog UAPs that could pose a threat to the national security of the United States.”

The UAP Working Group is producing the report that is expected to be delivered to Congress in the coming weeks.

Personal experiences

The surprising images of the Navy may have captured the public’s imagination and sparked renewed interest on Capitol Hill, but many retired military officers have reported even more surprising encounters.

Retired Air Force Colonel Charles Halt also appeared at the 2010 National Press Club event and recounted his own experience while stationed at Joint US-British Bentwaters Air Base in Suffolk, England, in 1980.

Colonel Halt reported seeing strange lights in the area and an object that “began to release something that looked like molten metal,” according to his official statement. He and other military personnel in the area also reported seeing rays of light descending from the object.

After his account became public several years later, Colonel Halt said he “had to go into hiding” due to the intense reaction, although he has since embraced the incident and spoken about it publicly.

“It was a forbidden subject. It was the kiss of death for a military man to talk about UFOs, “Colonel Halt told The Times in an interview. “I think that has changed a bit… I can’t tell you how many drivers have told me their stories but they have told me: ‘Don’t tell anyone and don’t use my name.’

“More and more people are sharing their experiences,” he said. “People used to ridicule me for a long time.”

Several of the other participants in the 2010 National Press Club event have passed away. Others avoid continuing to talk about their encounters.

In his 1967 experience, Salas, who at the time was serving as an Air Force nuclear launch officer, said his colleagues reported seeing an oval-shaped pulsating object hovering over the main gate of Malmstrom Air Force Base. . Shortly after the object was seen, he said the missiles at the site appeared to have been deactivated.

“Some of the missile indicators also had security breach lights on, signifying a possible security incursion at those sites,” he said in his official statement.

The incident, he said, was never explained.

Aside from aliens, another potential possibility is that some enemies of the United States may have technology far beyond ours, and that could explain many of the alleged UFO sightings.

But investigators and eyewitnesses dismiss that theory.

“What military pilots describe now, in 2021, is identical to what their predecessors described in 1950,” Hastings said. “To suggest that it is Russian or Chinese technology today is a real exaggeration, but to suggest that it was earthly technology seven decades ago is absurd.”

Salas also said such an explanation simply will not hold.

“If the Chinese or the Russians had that technology in 1967, I’m sure it makes sense that they would have told the world about it to show their dominance in the air,” he said. “No, I don’t believe any of that nonsense that this could be another foreign country.”

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China says 1 billion doses of COVID vaccine were administered | Coronavirus pandemic news



Beijing plans to fully vaccinate 40 percent of the country’s nearly 1.4 billion people by the end of this month.

China has announced that more than 1 billion doses of the COVID-19 vaccine have been administered in the country, as the world’s most populous nation accelerated its immunization program.

The announcement by the National Health Commission (NHC) comes after the number of injections given globally surpassed 2.5 billion on Friday, according to an AFP tally from official sources.

The NHC did not say how many people had been vaccinated. As elsewhere, most vaccines in China are given in two doses.

The pace of vaccinations has accelerated in the country of 1.4 billion people after a slow start. The total number of doses administered doubled from 500 million in less than a month, according to government figures.

Lack of transparency and past vaccine scandals have also sparked resistance from residents.

Authorities have set an ambitious goal of fully vaccinating 40 percent of the country’s nearly 1.4 billion people by the end of this month.

Incentives for vaccines

Some provinces are offering vaccines for free to encourage people to roll up their sleeves. Residents of the central province of Anhui received free eggs, while some living in Beijing received shopping vouchers.

A recent outbreak of the most contagious Delta variant of the virus in the southern city of Guangzhou has also served as a wake-up call for many shufflers.

China reported 23 new cases of coronavirus on Sunday.

The country has four conditionally approved vaccines, whose published efficacy rates lag behind rival hits from Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna, which have success rates of 95 percent and 94 percent, respectively.

China’s Sinovac previously said that trials of its injection in Brazil showed about 50 percent effectiveness in preventing infections and 80 percent in preventing cases requiring medical intervention.

Sinopharm’s two vaccines have efficacy rates of 79 percent and 72 percent respectively, while CanSino’s overall efficacy is 65 percent after 28 days.

Regulators have not approved any non-Chinese vaccines so far, although they appear to be moving to do so for the one developed by Pfizer and BioNTech.

China is expected to produce more than three billion doses of vaccines this year, the state-run Xinhua news agency reported in April.

Health authorities have not said when China will achieve herd immunity or what proportion of its vaccine doses will be sold abroad.

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Pope on Myanmar: houses of worship serve as neutral refuge



VATICAN CITY (AP) – Pope Francis on Sunday condemned the suffering of refugees in Myanmar and called for houses of worship to be respected as neutral places of refuge.

He told the public gathered in St. Peter’s Square for his customary midday remarks Sunday that he was joining his voice with that of the Asian nation’s bishops by also asking for humanitarian corridors.

Francis lamented that thousands of displaced people in Myanmar are “starving.” The violence, including the devastation of villages, has become endemic since the army took power in February, toppling the elected government of Aung San Suu Kyi.

A nonviolent civil disobedience movement is challenging the military rule, but the junta’s attempt to suppress it with deadly force has fueled resistance.

Francis noted that the Catholic bishops of Myanmar launched an appeal last week, “drawing the attention of the world to the heartbreaking experience of thousands of people in that country who are displaced and starving.” He added that he was joining the ecclesiastical call for humanitarian corridors to allow the safe passage of those who flee.

Echoing the bishops, Francis also insisted that “churches, pagodas, monasteries, mosques, temples, as well as schools and hospitals, be respected as neutral places of refuge.”

The pope then prayed for peace in Myanmar before pointing out that Sunday was World Refugee Day, an initiative promoted by the United Nations.

“Let us open our hearts to the refugees,” the Pope said. “Let us make his sadness and his joys ours, let us learn from his courageous resilience,” Francis said.

In that way, he said, “all together, we will develop a more humane community, a great family.”

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Prominent UAE Activist Alaa al-Siddiq Dies in London Car Accident | Human rights news



Alaa was the CEO of a UK-based non-profit organization that advocated for human rights in the Gulf.

Alaa al-Siddiq, a prominent dissident Emirati activist and rights critic, was killed in a car accident in London.

Alaa was the CEO of the UK-based ALQST, a non-profit organization that advocates for greater freedoms and human rights in the UAE and the wider Gulf region.

“With deep sadness, ALQST mourns the sudden death of its beloved and respected CEO Alaa Al-Siddiq on Saturday, June 19, 2021,” the group said in a tweet. “May he rest in power.”

His father, Mohammad al-Siddiq, is also a prominent activist who has been detained by the Emirati authorities since 2013.

Today, the capable Emirati researcher and honest sister, Professor Alaa al-Siddiq, left this world, while her father, Mohammad al-Siddiq languishes in the famous prisons of the [United Arab] Emirates, ”wrote Saudi activist Abdullah al-Awda.

According to Doha News, Alaa and her husband sought asylum in Qatar in 2012, where they had been living with their relatives.

The activist’s presence in Qatar and Doha’s stance towards political activists at a time when the UAE was cracking down on dissenting voices, led to a rift between the two neighbors.

In 2018, Qatari Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman bin Jassim Al Thani said that a dispute between Qatar and the United Arab Emirates had taken place in 2015 regarding the wife of a political dissident.

Abu Dhabi had sent an envoy to Qatar’s Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani to request that the woman in question be handed over to the Emirati authorities, a request that was rejected by the Qatari ruler.

Although kept secret, Abdullah al-Athbah, editor-in-chief of Qatar’s al-Arab newspaper, later said that it was Alaa that the Emiratis were seeking to repatriate.

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Russian Ambassador Returns to US to Build “Equal and Pragmatic” Ties | Russia News



Diplomatic relations between the two countries had practically broken down since Biden took office.

Russia’s ambassador to the United States flew back to Washington, DC, and said he hoped to build “equal and pragmatic” ties after a US-Russian summit in Geneva aimed at reducing tensions.

The plane carrying Ambassador Anatoly Antonov, who was called for consultations in March, left Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport on Sunday for New York, where it will travel to Washington, Russian news agencies reported.

“Given the results of the meeting between the two presidents, I am counting on constructive work with my American colleagues to build egalitarian and pragmatic relationships,” Antonov told Ria Novosti news agency, adding that he was in “an optimistic mood.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin, following talks at the Geneva summit with his US counterpart Joe Biden, said on Wednesday that Moscow and Washington agreed to return their ambassadors to their posts.

Diplomatic relations between the two countries had all but been severed since Biden took office and accused the Kremlin of interfering in the US elections and launching cyberattacks.

After Biden disliked Putin as a “murderer,” Russia in March took the rare step of calling Ambassador Antonov and saying that US envoy John Sullivan to Moscow should return to Washington.

Sullivan left Moscow in April when the two countries announced a wave of tit-for-tat sanctions and expulsions of diplomats.

“After an important summit, I hope to return to Moscow soon,” Sullivan said in a tweet from US embassy spokesman Jason Rebholz.

Relations between the United States and Russia have deteriorated for years, notably with Russia’s annexation of Crimea from Ukraine in 2014, its intervention in Syria in 2015, and accusations by the United States, denied by Moscow, of meddling in the 2016 election won by Biden’s predecessor, Donald Trump.

Putin said last week that it was “difficult to say” whether relations would improve, but that there was a “glimmer of hope.”

The Russian leader called Biden a constructive and experienced partner, and said they spoke “the same language.”

But he added that there has been no friendship, but a pragmatic dialogue on the interests of his two countries.

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Israeli Prime Minister: World Powers Must ‘Wake Up’ Over Iran Nuclear Deal



JERUSALEM (AP) – Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett opened his first cabinet meeting on Sunday since he swore in his new coalition government last week with a condemnation of the new Iranian president. He said Iran’s presidential elections were a signal for world powers to “wake up” before returning to a nuclear deal with Tehran.

Iran’s hardline judiciary chief Ebrahim Raisi was elected on Saturday with 62% of the vote amid historically low turnout. The United States sanctions him in part for his participation in the mass execution of thousands of political prisoners in 1988, at the end of the war between Iran and Iraq. Raisi has not specifically commented on the event.

Bennett said at the cabinet meeting in Jerusalem that “of all the people that (Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali) Khamenei could have chosen, he chose the executioner of Tehran, the infamous man among Iranians and around the world for leading the death committees that executed thousands of innocent Iranian citizens over the years. ”

Iran and world powers were due to resume indirect talks in Vienna on Sunday to resurrect Tehran’s tattered 2015 nuclear deal, which provided relief from Iran’s sanctions in exchange for curbing its nuclear program.

For weeks, Iranian and American diplomats have been negotiating a return to the deal in the Austrian capital through European intermediaries.

Sunday’s talks are the first since Raisi’s election, which will put the hardliners in firm control of the Iranian government.

The historic nuclear deal between world powers and Iran, which Israel opposed, collapsed after President Donald Trump unilaterally withdrew the United States from the deal in 2018. That decision has seen Iran, over time, abandon all constraints. enrichment and Tehran is currently enriching uranium. at its highest levels yet, though still below weapon grade levels.

Bennett said that Raisi’s election as Iranian president was “the last chance for world powers to wake up before going back to the nuclear deal and understanding who they are doing business with.

“These guys are murderers, mass murderers: a regime of brutal executioners should never be allowed to have weapons of mass destruction that allow it not to kill thousands, but millions,” he said.

Israel has long stated that it opposes the nuclear program of Iran, its arch enemy, and said it would prevent Tehran from obtaining nuclear weapons. Iran insists its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes.

Earlier this month, Israel Mossad’s outgoing intelligence chief noted that Israel was behind a series of recent attacks on the country’s nuclear program.

Bennett heads a broad coalition of parties ranging from Jewish ultranationalists to liberal factions and a small Islamist party. His government called its first cabinet meeting since he was sworn in last week, ousting former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and sending him to the opposition for the first time in 12 years.

Charging …

Charging …Charging …Charging …Charging …Charging …

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John Bercow, central figure in Brexit Drama as UK president, switches to work



Mr. Bercow was also accused during his career of intimidating members of his staff, claims that he denied. He resigned in 2019.

Bercow is a strong critic of Johnson, a Brexit champion whose rise has coincided with an exodus of pro-European Union politicians from the Conservative Party. Bercow told The Observer newspaper that Johnson’s conservatives had become “reactionary, populist, nationalist, and sometimes even xenophobic.”

“The conclusion I have come to is that this government needs to be replaced,” he said. “The reality is that the Labor Party is the only vehicle that can achieve that goal.”

Justice Secretary Robert Buckland rejected the characterization of the party as xenophobic, saying that Bercow’s decision to renounce political neutrality “actually has the effect of diminishing the strength of his voice in politics.”

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Diplomats to meet in Vienna for more nuclear talks with Iran



VIENNA (AP) – More talks between Iran and world powers were planned on Sunday to try to negotiate and restore a landmark 2015 deal to contain Iranian nuclear development that was later abandoned by the Trump administration.

High-level diplomats from China, Germany, France, Russia and Great Britain will meet at a hotel in the Austrian capital.

Russia’s top representative Mikhail Ulyanov wrote in a tweet on Saturday that members of the members of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, or JCPOA, “will decide the way forward at the Vienna talks. An agreement on the restoration of the nuclear agreement is within our reach, but has not yet been finalized. “

The United States did not have a representative at the table when diplomats met in Vienna because former US President Donald Trump unilaterally pulled the country out of the agreement in 2018. Trump also restored and increased sanctions to try to force Iran to do so. renegotiate the pact with more concessions.

However, the administration of US President Joe Biden has indicated its willingness to rejoin the agreement on terms that would, by and large, see the United States reduce sanctions and Iran return to 2015 nuclear commitments. The US delegation in Vienna participates in indirect talks with Iran, with diplomats from the other world powers acting as intermediaries.

Sunday’s meeting is the first since Iran’s hardline judicial chief won a landslide victory in the country’s presidential elections earlier this week.

The election of Ebrahim Raisi places the hardliners in firm control throughout the government at a time when Tehran is enriching uranium to its highest levels in history, albeit still below weapons grade levels. Tensions remain high with both the United States and Israel, which is believed to have carried out a series of attacks on Iranian nuclear sites and assassinated the scientist who created its military atomic program decades earlier.

Raisi has also become the first sitting Iranian president to be sanctioned by the US government even before taking office, for his involvement in the 1988 mass executions, as well as for his time as head of Iran’s judiciary, criticized internationally, one of the world’s leading executioners.

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Scarlett Johansson talks about the sexualization of the black widow

Scarlett Johansson is happy to see the industry evolve after playing Natasha Romanoff for over 10 years. On a recent...

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Valentino Platform Boots by Jennifer Lopez for MTV Project

When Jennifer Lopez goes to the gym, does she work on her ankle strength? Because that’s the only reasonable explanation...

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A Kirk Douglas western is our selection of home videos of the week

Last train from Gun Hill [Paramount Presents] What is it? A United States bailiff promises to take in a pair...

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Jazz Jennings talks about gaining 100 pounds and battling binge eating disorder

For staff. 4 minutes ago Jazz Jennings is candid about his struggles with his weight and an eating disorder....

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‘Kevin Can F *** Himself’ smashes the sitcom screen and something else

welcome to Until next time, a column that gives you an overview of the latest televisions. This week, Valerie Ettenhofer...



Tech3 mins ago

Take 2: Spacewalking Astronauts Tackle Solar Panel Work

Spacewalking astronauts are back 260 miles up, working to install powerful new solar panels outside the International Space Station. For...

Tech1 hour ago

AirTags Hands On: Apple’s Awesome Bluetooth Trackers Will Get An Android App

Despite its small size, Apple AirTag has Bluetooth, ultra-wideband, and NFC to help you find it and attach items. Sarah...

Tech1 hour ago

What does “DW” mean and how is it used?

Gustavo Frazao / The acronym “DW” is a great way to make a conversation a little less tense. We...

Tech2 hours ago

The iPhone 13 is not a shoo-in: Why the iPhone 12S could be Apple’s next flagship?

Andrew Hoyle / CNET until Apple Marquee Event in the Fall, the name of the next iPhone family is anyone’s...

Tech3 hours ago

FaceTime is getting a ton of updates and I can’t wait to try them out with my friends

FaceTime is taking over Zoom with some exciting updates to iOS 15. Apple This story is part of WWDC 2021....

Tech5 hours ago

How David Ellison turned Skydance into Hollywood’s smart gamble

The equity deal with RedBird and CJ Entertainment valued Skydance at around $ 2.3 billion. At its current rate of...

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Best Prime Day Apple Deals Available Now on AirPods Pro, Apple Watch, iPads, and More

This story is part of Amazon Prime Day 2021, CNET’s guide to everything you need to know and how to...

Tech10 hours ago

Best Prime Day iPad Deals: Save $ 60 on iPad Air, $ 30 on 10.5-Inch iPad

This story is part of Amazon Prime Day 2021, CNET’s guide to everything you need to know and how to...

Tech10 hours ago

Best iPhone Power Bank in 2021

It seems that device makers like Apple love coming out with phones in ever-increasing sizes. This is why a portable...

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The best smartwatch deals before Prime Day on Apple Watch and Galaxy Watch Active 2

This story is part of Amazon Prime Day 2021, CNET’s guide to everything you need to know and how to...

Tech14 hours ago

Fix: Las Vegas Story-Drought Versus Growth

In a June 18, 2021 story about a proposed land swap in the Las Vegas area aimed at balancing development...

Tech16 hours ago

Best Resources for Free Books, Movies, and Games – Review Geek

GaudiLab / With COVID-19 quarantines and everyone being more budget conscious, it can seem like there are few affordable...

Tech17 hours ago

Facial recognition software used to verify unemployment beneficiaries is not working well

The facial recognition program used by nearly two dozen US states to verify people seeking unemployment benefits works inconsistently, resulting...

Tech17 hours ago

NBA Playoffs – Watch and Stream Bucks vs. Nets Game 7 on TNT

The 2021 NBA playoffs are in full swing, with pivotal games between the best teams every day. They are broadcast...

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Prime Day Deal: Get Our Best Value Wi-Fi Extender For Under $ 23

Ry Crist / CNET This story is part of Amazon Prime Day 2021, CNET’s guide to everything you need to...



Lifestyle4 mins ago

The 7 best vegetables and how to cook them

In association with our friends from Willo Green leafy vegetables are dietary powerhouses. They can provide vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and...

Lifestyle10 mins ago

Music therapy and aging | Goop

Most of us have experienced the power of music to connect people, be it at a concert or karaoke night....

Lifestyle2 hours ago

Riley Reed’s Sunday night routine will inspire yours

“I didn’t always know what I wanted to do with my voice, I just knew I had to do something.”...

Lifestyle2 hours ago

25 simple ways to cheer up your partner when he’s upset

We’ve all been through it: you have a bad day at work, or you feel a little bad, maybe you...

Lifestyle2 hours ago

20 ideas on how to celebrate the summer solstice and sunbathe

I’ve always been a summer girl. It’s not cozy like fall, alive like winter, or hopeful like spring. Summer stands...

Lifestyle1 day ago

32 cute summer date ideas for every type of couple

A big date is always in style, but there is something about the summer that makes planning a meeting even...

Lifestyle2 days ago

15 naturally sweetened desserts for when you’re cutting back on sugar

About a year ago, I realized (or just came out of denial …) that I needed to do something about...

Lifestyle2 days ago

What are carbohydrates? Are they really the enemy? Let’s find out

Editor’s note: McKel Hill, MS, RDN, LDN is a dietitian and founder of Nutrition stripped away. Over the years, I...

Lifestyle2 days ago

Pea salad with mint and microgreens

** This recipe is from our Tastemakers interview with Kennesha Buycks. Read the full story here! ** The Pea Salad...

Lifestyle2 days ago

Roasted Mushrooms with Thyme and Smoked Salt

** This recipe is from our Tastemakers interview with Kennesha Buycks. Read the full story here! ** The post Roasted...

Lifestyle2 days ago

Roasted Mushrooms with Thyme and Smoked Salt

** This recipe is from our Tastemakers interview with Kennesha Buycks. Read the full story here! ** The post Roasted...

Lifestyle2 days ago

Pea salad with mint and microgreens

** This recipe is from our Tastemakers interview with Kennesha Buycks. Read the full story here! ** The Pea Salad...

Lifestyle2 days ago

15 quick and healthy dinner recipes to get you through the week

Even the most avid home cooks can occasionally go blank – sometimes, you fall into a race and just can’t...

Lifestyle2 days ago

Instagram store M’sian selling homemade tahini cookies

With many IG companies popping up these days, fresh, locally made cookies from various recipes are one of the things...

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Dinner will resume on June 21, but with a limit of just two people

The Ministry of Health (MOH) announced last Thursday (June 10) that Singapore is moving into Phase 3 (Heightened Alert). While...