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4 ways to improve hybrid meetings (after they’re over)

McKenna Swazey is the author of How to Win Friends and Manage Remotely. As the consummate global executive, she has had to honor her interpersonal skills through Skype, Google Hangouts, Slack, good old-fashioned phone lines, and now Zoom. She is currently the VP of Marketing at an early-stage startup.

Preparing for large virtual meetings takes a lot of work, ensuring you have an effective agenda, the right attendees, tools, and roles. But that’s just the beginning. Effective organizations also prioritize what happens after meetings to ensure that the time you spend together is productive and leads to best results. Here are four actions you can take after your meeting to improve hybrid working.

take better notes

There are four benefits to meeting notes:

  1. Update people who couldn’t attend
  2. To reference responsibilities, achievements and comments.
  3. Save the action items.
  4. To track attendance. This public record of attendance can identify trends in participation and encourage accountability.

Create a rhythm to distribute notes and action items.

Not everyone can attend every meeting, particularly in asynchronous or hybrid work, so it helps to have a rhythm for handing out notes and asking recipients to review and respond to them.

Be aware of where you store these notes. Is it clear who wrote them and who has access? Do they clearly explain what needs to happen next and by whom?

To increase engagement, consider the audience, channel, and action items and optimize the format of your notes accordingly. A shared notes document might be a better place for more detailed notes, while the “Overview” section of a recurring meeting might be a better place for brevity.

Decide what needs to change

Did the attendees make you think differently about who should or shouldn’t be invited?

What is someone important missing? How can you make sure they attend? Should they designate another team member to attend?

Was the group inclined to stray from the path? You may need a different meeting leader to keep things moving forward.

Did you have the tools to effectively brainstorm or gather information? What else is needed?

Did your hybrid/virtual/in-person situation work out well? Hybrid working provides the opportunity to strategically select which meetings work best virtually and which should be in person.

did you need i really need video? Sometimes calls work better with just voice, and sometimes you need to see people’s faces, but teams shouldn’t default to video just because it seems more intimate.

Help others own the meeting

Asking for feedback and being transparent about your goals is another way to create a great meeting culture. asking how improve every meeting can make team members feel more inspired, energized, effective, and connected. I recommend that this review be done quarterly.

You can adjust the frequency, duration, and time based on your feedback. Be transparent about the approach you took to making the decision and the benefits of the adjustment. You can demonstrate empathy by providing a sense of ownership over a process that will directly affect them.

While the technology for remote and hybrid work may evolve, the principles for effective meetings do not change. Meetings allow us to hear the thoughts and opinions of our colleagues in real time, an essential aspect of collaborative decision-making in a company. We may need to be more systemic in our processes when meeting virtually, but the result should be the same. frames for aSynchronous group communication can help us spread information and make decisions faster, more equitably, and ideally with better results, regardless of our location.



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