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3 Reasons Your Event Can Go Bad

Event hosting can either be a delectable experience or one that makes you lose the hairs on your head. There are many things to keep into consideration, such as the event location, the logistics behind it, and everything that could possibly go wrong.

Although few people expect to show up to an event and encounter some sort of danger or difficulty, the truth is that an event can be just as risky to your guests as a wild pool party with a lot of alcohol involved – and that’s without any booze at all.

While we can’t change what’s already happened, event hosts have a responsibility to ensure the safety of their guests. Therefore, any host worth their salt will both consider opting for event insurance as well as reinforcing the premises against any potential dangers.

Here’s a small list of the situations that could rear their ugly head in your event.

Event Hosting and Insurance

Before we delve into the meat of the article, we must pay a bit of attention to the importance of event insurance. Since the host is directly responsible for the safety of their guests from a legal standpoint, any injury or harm that your guests can encounter will be liable to your name.

Even if the injury is not related in any way to the event, such as a car flashing its headlights past the windows, blinding an attendee who slips and sprains an ankle, then it all falls on the host’s shoulders. It is for this reason that any event host with experience opts for insurance.

Event insurance can help cover the financial costs associated with any damages caused to the premises during the event as well as legal battles such as lawsuits thereafter. A few broken guest ribs might ruin an inexperienced host’s career, while a host that has bought insurance will be less affected.

Here are the main areas of protection that insurance covers.

3 Common Event Tragedies

Slip and Fall Accidents

Probably the most common event accident out there. Slip and falls are very common and always happen unexpectedly. You might have thought your venue is safe, but one lone and exposed wire that’s barely visible and virtually forgotten can be the catalyst to a lawsuit you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

Double-check your venue is in good working order and opt for event insurance for added safety.

Social or Physical Conflict

Humans are social animals, which means that at one point or another they are going to encounter conflict. How safe or calming your event venue is does not matter: an angry person will find reasons to explode regardless of whether they are at the opera house or at the local hard rock bar.

The intensity of the conflict will potentially determine the damages caused and is a good reason to protect yourself against such a scenario. While a verbal battle isn’t likely to lead to injury, two particularly bellicose people can escalate a quip duel into a fistfight, which is going to land the host in a whole heap of trouble.

The worst part is that even a verbal confrontation can lead to one of the guests fainting and hitting their head on a sharp corner. Be careful!

Tampered or Stolen Goods

If any of your guests lose their goods or have reason (and proof) to believe they have been stolen, then it is the host who falls responsible for them. Event insurance protects against this by covering any legal fees associated with replacing the goods. This situation is one of the more unpleasant ones as it can happen anytime, anyplace.

Guarantee Safety For Yourself

Just because your event has been perfectly planned does not mean there isn’t room for error. Even the most diligently planned events can go wrong, which is why experienced hosts always purchase insurance. A single lawsuit is enough to ruin your career and land you in great financial trouble, so protect yourself against that before it happens!

Want to make sure everything is going to turn out fine? Opt for Eventsured special event insurance and rest easy!

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